How to Post to the EMCSA, A Good Guess, and more!

Hello again everyone!

I hope that you’ve all had a really fantastic April! It’s been one of ups and downs for me, but most of all ups. I’m going to be creating a mailing list to inform people of new releases when my next Amazon story drops on the 10th of May. While I have yet to find a method that simply allows you to click a button and sign up, if you would like to simply email me at I’ll throw you on the list. This is, of course, optional!

But before we get into anything more…? Let’s have some flash fiction!

A Good Guess

Rachel buried her fingers deep between her legs, panting as she watched the numbers count down before her.

She felt so silly whenever she remembered how she got here.

“What’re you gonna do, brainwash me?”

That was exactly what she was going to do.

She moaned as she came, staring as the countdown begin again.

One of the most common questions I get about things that aren’t my stories is “How do I submit to MCStories?” This was something I tackled on an individual level for years, but now, I’m making something to answer this question for everyone!

The first draft of “How to Submit a Story to the EMCSA” has been written, and can be downloaded here in PDF format! This covers how to format, thoughts on the tagging system, and the submission process itself. Feel free to email me, or otherwise contact me, if you find some way in which it is deficient! This is how I publish my writing on the EMCSA, but we’re all different. You might have needs I don’t… or I may have accidentally explained something poorly. If anything feels like it is not adequately covered please let me know. I’ve been doing this for nearly 13 years now, so for me? It’s just something I do!

This weekend the next story that will be going up on the archive from me is a little story that my Patreon got a month ago I call…

Social Parasite [mc, ff, sf]

Tina’s roommate Cindy may be unemployed, but she still wants to do her best to make the world a better place.

My patrons already got this story last month, so instead they got an early look at another story. A look on my Patreon can elucidate more! This is a fun story that I hope all of you enjoy!

I want to take a moment to address something that came up as a result of my reactions to a story this weekend. If you post stories publicly, you are asking for responses. Not all of them will be good. Not all of them will like or appreciate your work, and that’s no fair but that’s how it goes. However, if someone take the time to interface with your work, and is not merely rudely tearing it apart, take the time to try considering what it is that they’re saying, how they’re saying it, and if maybe you should examine your writing for this in the future instead of demanding that they never review or read your work again.

It can take a lot to be a writer posting stories in a public setting. I know–I’ve been doing it for over 10 years now. However, people have a right to express how they feel about your story. Perpetuation of sexual myths, characters behaving in ways that they feel the writing doesn’t actually question, and otherwise being unpleasant? If someone says those things, getting upset doesn’t do you any good.

Every bit of criticism of a story is helpful, even if it just lets you know that people who agree with that person won’t enjoy your work period. That’s valuable information, and helps you not bother to cater to people who won’t enjoy the core of your work. Similarly, someone saying that they enjoy your writing but believe it is missing something that could make it even better, or comment that this o that could potentially enhance it? That’s not tearing your writing apart. That’s not even saying they disliked it. Disappointing can still be how you feel about something you really liked, but didn’t quite hit the highest notes you feel that it could hit.

This week, Chelicerate‘s Canary has a really special chapter going live… so I strongly encourage you to check it out! It’s definitely worth your time, and you should read it if you haven’t been! This weekend is going to be a very memorable one for those of you who have been keeping up!

EyeofSerpent finished their series of comic book stories over on the MCGarden’s hot flashes thread, By Another Name! You should check it all out, and encourage them to write more! Please? Please. Do it.

I think that basically covers this week for me! Look forward to some fun parasitic fun this weekend from me, take care of yourselves, and each other!

2 thoughts on “How to Post to the EMCSA, A Good Guess, and more!”

  1. Hot!

    I really love serial corruption. And the squickier the better. And this story has just struck me. The point view of Tina (the corrupted) instead of Cindy (the corrupter) seems fresh. I feel the pace was correct. You know there is somewhat amiss from nearly the beginning and it built from there without putting it black over white. A great engine for running wild within your imagination.

    I really hope you revisit this universe sometime in the future. Perhaps the corruption of Cindy being aware that her body is changing and acceptig it for a greater purpose. A classic approach, i know, but it still works.

    Sorry if my english is broken. Not my mother tongue.


    1. Why thank you! Serial recruitment is a long time love of mine as well, and I’m really glad that you enjoyed this story! It felt like a story where beginning with Cindy’s corruption would have belabored the point, even if in the end Tina was still our primary focus, or at least the ‘goal’ of the story. I’m glad that it paid off 🙂

      You’re not the first person to want more of this universe, and I’ll admit I’m a little shocked! I’m not opposed, but I did not foresee this being something that was in high demand for more. I’m not sure if or when this will happen, but if it does? I’ll be sure to mention it here!

      Also your English is perfectly fine. I wouldn’t have ever guessed it was your second language. Even if it weren’t every bit as adequate as it is? It wouldn’t be a problem. You came here to reach out and show your appreciation. That means a lot to me. Thank you!

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