New Motivations, Mailing List Sign-up, and future plans!

I hope that you all had a good International Workers’ Day!

This blog post is going to have some fun announcements, but before we get to any of that? Let’s have some flash fiction!

New Motivations

Jacqueline moaned as she lifted her naked, glistening body up, then slammed it back down on the sybian. She groaned as it shook through her, and clenched tighter.

She’d come to avenge her lover, but now she couldn’t even remember her own name. All she knew was if she came enough, Mistress would forgive her.

This week has been a very productive one. One of the first important things to get out of the way? In order to help my paid writing rank higher on Amazon, and thus make more sales, I’ve made a mailing list with Sendinblue! To sign up for it, click here! You’ll need to reply to an email for a double opt-in process, but then you’ll be getting news whenever I release new stories… and that’s the next bit of news!

So, next week on Thursday my new novel is going live! Are you excited? I’m pretty damned excited. I don’t want to spoil anything yet, but I think that you’re all really going to love it if you enjoy my work. It’s another fun exploration of hypnosis, and I think it’s even better than my last. Of course I’d say that, but I really think so.

Earlier this week it was brought to my attention that a lot of smut writers release writing far more frequently than once a month, and I really would love to get more stories out there? So in all likelihood the frequency of my Amazon releases is about to jump at least a bit. We’ll see how consistent that remains, but I would love to get more stories up for people to enjoy, and well… money does make it easier to afford food, so you can rely on more writing!

In free offerings, this week will see a new story from Midas City! It won’t have the CB tag because it’s not deeply wrapped up in such activity… directly… but this week you’ll be getting to read…

In A Heartbeat [mc, ff]

Emily is looking forward to spending time with the woman who means everything to her–Chastity Allen.

This one’s a story I’ve been eagerly waiting to share with all of you, so I hope you all really, really enjoy it! This story is already on My Patreon, and you can get access very easily with a pledge!

Also speaking of the EMCSA, this week is going to have more of Valasania’s Yew, a story that has so much promise in its first section. You need to read it if you haven’t! I’m also pretty happily impressed by zorkmeister’s Community Property, a fun little series of hive vignettes. Valasania was just saying how we don’t have enough hive stuff lately, and now two in such close proximity! Aah! Life is good! Also, Canary continues to heat up… don’t miss this update, or any of them!

This week on my Patreon you can get early access to a new story, “Daughter of the Sun” which well… I’ll let you imagine what that could mean!

While my Patreon may look as though it’s doing dramatically better at the moment, that’s largely due to a one-off commission. Overall, my Patreon has felt a bit less successful than it was the first time around, and well… my changes may not have helped it! Going forward some tiers are going to change. Getting access to the stories in pdf, epub, and mobi in advance is going to be bumped up to the $2 tier.  Additionally, I’m going to be returning the format of monthly stories to what they were before: story voted on from a list of patron submitted suggestions! I’ve been busy writing, cover designing, etc. so I don’t have the changes made yet, but they should be finalized by the end of this week.

That sounds like about everything that needs to be covered! Time to get some new words down! I have some writing to do, and I’ve been quite looking forward to it!

So, be ready on the 10th to drop by My Amazon Author Page and check out my new offering… which is exactly a week from today! Excited? I sure as heck am! Until next time, take care of yourselves and each other!

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