In A Bind, Trained, And More!

Hello, everyone!

No flash fiction this week, sorry! I am, however, going to start semi-regularly throwing out flash fiction over on my tumblr. It turns out when I don’t forget, that I have a lot of a built up backlog created by my patreon! So I think I’ll go back through those old flashes, polish them up if need be, and toss them out accordingly. Might even gather a large chunk of them up and make a compilation for Amazon and Smashwords. Still completely deciding on that.

Speaking of Amazon and Smashwords? I have a new short story due out next Tuesday named “Trained”–I’ll be posting up a short excerpt and a bit of a blurb here when that happens. It’s a bit of a darker story, much more intense, much more raw, and much more sexually intense. I hope that you all turn in for it. As a hint of just what it’s aiming for? The word Trained is being used three times over.

As for this weekend? A story that I’ve been waiting for is finally coming out–the next character that I’ve borrowed from a friend and made a part of the Midas City Universe. It’s a little story that I’ve named

In A Bind [mc, ff, bd, cb]

Midnightress pursues a vendetta against the corporation that took so much from her, but this time she may be in over her head.

And if that’s not enough to get you interested? Let me show you something really special: a piece of art by Rotem Dishon! Also titled In A Bind, it’s a good hint at some fun elements of this story.

Midnightress herself is based on a character created by Indystruck, who has a lot of art of the original version of the character, known as Sentinel of Twilight–often called Twi. I met her creator on City of Heroes, a game that I still really miss. It’s a real shame, but at the very least we got a lot of great characters out of it.

Patreon this week won’t be having an advance story due to a lack of funding last month to support the creation of a monthly exclusive, but that means next week the EMCSA is going to get their hands on “Contract Negotiations”,  last month’s exclusive. When the month ends I’ll be putting up a vote for the next exclusive based on suggestions by my patrons, and the winner will be written!

That’s all for this week! I hope that you enjoyed! If you’d like to be informed about new stories going up for sale, and other news, you can sign up for my mailing list here!

If you’d like to support my writing, please drop by My Patreon–every little bit helps and makes it easier for me to keep putting out free prose for everyone 🙂

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