Blessed Samhain, Happy Halloween, Day of the Dead…!

Hello, everyone!

I know it’s a day late, but Halloween is the best time of the year, so… why would I let a single day steal my fun?

Especially when I can share this adorable art again:

Aurora LaSilvas is pretty damned excited about Halloween, too! And there’s something else that’s worth being pretty excited about, ya see…

The Adventures of Silver Girl is being rereleased as an Amazon exclusive next week! It’s pretty damned exciting to me. Silver Girl is the story that really started me down the path that’s taken me to where I am today as a professional author. It’s been an amazing feeling, getting this far… and it’s been thanks to all of your support. It really has meant a lot to me, and I think that you’ll all love this rewrite.

For a long time I had a complex about rewriting Silver Girl. I was a big fan of the original star wars trilogy when I was younger, and really disliked what was later done to it. Small changes to a work can do a lot of things, and for A New Hope, Empire, and RotJ…? Most of these changes aren’t for the better.

That said, it needs to be said: The originally released draft of “The Adventures of Silver Girl” is, simply put, a mess. There’s really no two ways to put it. I don’t mean the lack of a strong central plot or anything silly like that. I mean that the grammar is atrocious. There are plenty of times dialogue switches speaker in a paragraph due to conversion from Deviant Art to Plain Text–because yeah, ages ago, Silver Girl was first released on Deviant Art–and other little things like that.

This draft changes nothing structurally. It does properly encapsulate her backstory as it would later be, but I’m not changing that to match the first book, so this change is well… only appropriate. The mind control scenes have more weight. The writing overall is much more tightened up, and expanded upon in equal measure.

It’s also an extra 90% or so longer. Some people may find that displeasing, and I apologize, but I felt this best expressed the story of Silver Girl’s first adventure.

I hope that you’re all looking forward to it. I’m so excited about releasing it that the button might be pressed early enough to make it released on Monday instead of Tuesday… but it’s going to be a paperback, and a kindle unlimited release. The book is about a pound and a half, and it has some HEFT to it. I think it’ll look really good on a shelf!

I’ll probably post here when it releases, and… just about everywhere that I can. This is going to be a big deal to me, and I hope that you’ll find it a big deal, too.

I know this is a bit me-centric, and not very exciting about anything else? But I’ve been very focused on creative output this month so I don’t have the most to talk about.

I can say one thing: Canary is probably going to get an update. I’m not the writer, but I am her girlfriend, and she’s promised to be spending tonight working VERY hard to get something ready for me and her other closest friends to edit before it gets sent to Simon.

This week is also the end of In Another Life. It’s a story that has been a long time in coming, but I think I’ll talk about it a lot more once it’s out and done, or… we’ll see!

In the meantime, I hope that you have a wonderful day… take care of you and yours!

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