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Hello everyone!

This update is a bit late, but hopefully you’ll forgive me. Long story short, we’ve been having renovations and it’s been taking a lot of effort to get my usual output going while endless slamming is done nearby. The master bathroom had some rot issues, floor needed replacing, walls needed replacing… It was a problem, a big problem. Frustrating, right?

So with that in mind, I wanted a topic that was important to give me something to look forward to for this blog. That topic is a “new” writer on the scene–new as in September 2017–when I was still in my hiatus and busy with life things.

Kallie has only been posting onto the EMCSA for awhile, but already she’s a name that makes me excited. I don’t really want to spoil any of it because I want you to read her for yourself, but anyone who is a fan of F/F on MCStories knows there’s been a certain lull. Not everything posted is bad or anything like that, but certain voices have been quieter. Many writers like risen up and done great work, but few stand out to me in the same way Kallie’s work does.

Angelic Bliss explores some fun twisting on the concept of divine love, Sadism is a story that was better for not reading the blurb but was SO fun for it, and while I am still reading Muscle Bimbo, it is a sheer delight to see the story twist up our poor protag who just wanted the hot goth girlfriend. We’ve all been there.

Songbird was a delight showing a rekindling of old flames, and The Vampire Hunter’s Folly was a fun twist on just what a vampire can take away.

I need to do more reading of her work, but in the meantime? You should get started! Check her out here on mcstories, and on patreon here!

I feel like I could sing her praises for for a long time and only scratch the surface, so please, take a look at her works and give her feedback, praise, and support however you feel you can!

Another note, The MCL Discord has a biweekly book club where we discuss a piece of erotic mind control fiction every other week. Last time we examined Philanthropist by Doctor D, an amazing story I highly recommend. This week, we’ll be exploring Tabico’s Fitness.

If you’d like to join the conversation? Check out the Mind Control Literature discord I administrate here!

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