First Blog Post of the Year!

Hello, everyone!

It’s 2019, and three days in already! Doesn’t that just feel… beyond belief? But sure enough, that’s the case. It’s January 3rd, 2019 and here we are. The last year didn’t vanish into the ether. Instead, we’re moving on from what it left us. Hopefully it left you with something good!

I’ve definitely got plenty coming your way, so I hope that’s something you’re looking forward to!

In fact, given how much I tend to write in a stretch, plenty of what I’ll have for you for awhile are drafts I’ve had worked on for a while. Release cycles are so hard to be patient for–you have no idea! I just want to be giving you many stories, and I can’t keep it up if I release them all as quickly as they’re ready. I’ve heard something about consistency in release cycles? So cruel.

That said, I haven’t had much time this year to have new things happen. I missed that Tabico put out two blog posts in December! If you did too, then check them out here! I think you’ll be happy with what you see!

As for me, well, I put out a new book so far–and it definitely benefits from the past!

Debased 2, the sequel to the tale of Nina and Bree is out now on amazon!

Katie just wanted to make a quick trip by her favorite mall to pick up something special. She could afford it, and it wouldn’t be too much effort. The last thing that she expected to find, when she went to pick up some new jewelry, was a blonde girl named Bree with hypnotic breasts.

Dark themes, mind control, and interracial lesbian delights.

Check it out on amazon, right here!

And well, that’s all that I really have to show off between last time and now! I’ve been getting all nice and packed up for a Hypnosis Conference in Baltimore. This time in two weeks I’ll be on the east coast. I’ve never left the west, never been in another time zone, and I haven’t flown in over twenty years… so it’s a lot of excitement! I’ll be there with some books and swag, and if I have any leftovers, or if anyone gets excited when I show it off I might order more in the future. We’ll have to see.

For now, I think that’s all that’s exciting for me. If you’d like to commission me, my Patreon has available commission slots.

It’s easy to get down by all of the dark things going on in the world, so let’s all try to stick together to keep things going well for the people we care about. Things have been dark before, and they’ve been darker for a lot of people. At the same time? Any level of bad is bad, and we’ve overcome the odds before.

We just have to not give up. We just have to try to fight for others when we can’t wake up and get out of bed for ourselves.

Let’s do our best to have a bright and shining 2019, or at least making it so 2020 will be even better. I know we can do it, because we’ve done it before, and we’ll do it again.

Thank you for your time, and I hope that you have an absolutely wonderful time.

Until next Thursday! 🙂

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