Flying to Charmed, Dusty Origins

Hello again, everyone!

It’s either 1:13 AM pacific, or about… 4:13 eastern? I’m still in the air and I have been for some time. I’ve utterly lost track of where I would be, and all of my attempts to sleep were stymied, so I thought I’d write up today’s blog post.

What do I say about air travel at night? Two flights, first a window seat facing the wing and the second two back, still looking out over the wing. So much turbulence, so much wind, but relatively calm all things considered. Nothing I’d want to do with any regularity The first plane hit the runway with all of the subtlety of a superheroine giving a three point landing.

But the views of Portland, and then San Diego, were impressive. Most of the night has been cloud cover, but seeing a city grid from above, seeing the shapes… Portland was very spread out, looking almost vacant compared to the area around San Diego’s airport. I got a glimpse of the ground a bit later, and it looked… like something someone might imagine from an old idea of a virtual landscape. Lots of squares of points of light, connected by lines that made for trees with so many branches… I both wanted to take a picture and was too captivated to do so before the clouds returned.

Suffice to say? It was very pretty.

What did I get up to? Well, I read my Christmas present from the ever so lovely Ally Brinken—a book called Trouble and Her Friends. It feels a little unfair since honestly in the end I liked Cerise more and I felt she got more of the better moments and she’s the PoV that felt more reasonable between them. It’s a cyberpunk novel where some legislation sprung up that made it a lot harder for the ‘net to run like it used to, an Trouble’s gone straight. Sadly, someone’s also stolen her alias, is using some of her old code, and well… that’s bad for her when the new net cops start sniffing after her.

I don’t want to spoil anything, but I will say that it’s good inspiration for a Honeypot sequel. Melissa Scott’s ideas are very much a product of the early 90’s, and make me think that I should read more classic cyberpunk. Surprisingly I never actually read any Gibson. It half makes me want to try polishing an old Novel I wrote named Sillicon Forest. It needs… a lot of work to do anything with it, and it’s a bit… boilerplate in some ways, a bit needing expansion in others… It might be worth a second look, though.

But if you’re here, you’re here for M. Kistulot’s musings, mm?

This week, I released Dusty Origins. It’s a story that was long in the making, believe it or not. I wrote the original draft over five years ago, but didn’t know how to finish it, and didn’t feel it was well enough written to share with the world. I’ve since fixed it up, found the ending it needed… and I think that I did it justice. I hope so, anyway. That’s for you to judge.

Death of the author, and all that.

Still, Dusty Origins is the first of what I hope to make a series of origin stories for various Midas Cit heroines. Not all of them may have a story worth telling, but I’ve an idea or two for Pink… Might touch on Aureus at some point, maybe Ember…

There’s a part of me that very much wants to write a LOT more of Yanuka. Rewriting Silver Eclipse had me fall in love with her all over again. She’s a precious adversary to me. Terrible person, too!

Gotta love villains.

So, please check out Dusty Origins! See how the Dust Queen became her dusty self. There’s plenty of heat, twisted lesbian mind control, and it is another look at Midas, so. Why not?

I’m officially on the East Coast, visiting Baltimore for Charmed! 2019. Even if I don’t get back until basically next Wednesday, I already have my next release, Busted 2, ready to go. Just gotta press a few little buttons, and you’ll get your dose of mc smut for the week from me!

When I get back I’ll be finishing some commission work, getting February ready, and then it’ll be time to start examining my Patreon. I want to shake things up there a bit, but how? We’ll need to wait and see.

For now, check out Dusty Origins! If you’re at/going to Charmed! Say hi to me! I’m there as the Madam Kistulot. I’ll be there with my girlfriend Chelicerate, partner Ally Brinken, and the lovely Arihi. There’s lots of excitement in store, so… I hope that you’re all excited!

Until next time, take care of yourselves… And each other!

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