First Illness of 2019!

Hello, everyone!

I’ve been pretty miserably sick for a while now. To bring you up to speed if you aren’t aware, I went to charmed earlier this month and it was a fun enough time. Hopefully there’ll be a good venue in a black room for me to talk about that, but that’s off to one side for the moment. Afterwards, I got stuck in Detroit on the way home, and then after a day in that unfamiliar, large airport… I got home, thought everything was fine, and got horribly ill.

Best laid plans to make a lot out of this month quickly dissolved. I wasn’t nonproductive, but to say that my achievements matched my goals would be a lie that I wouldn’t be terribly excited to share. I’m finally mending, over a week later from when I was hoping to be home, but I still don’t feel quite 100%. Writing smut when you feel physically ill is, to put it lightly…?

Fairly difficult.

A lot of sleeping. A lot of drinking Powerade Zero. I passed out while standing for the first time I can remember in my life.

Hopefully all of that is behind me. I still don’t feel quite right, but maybe the ending period of this is just a bit slower than I’d like. I usually don’t stay sick for more than a day or two, but this has been an ordeal with dehydration, aches, weakness, and a lot of whining. Hopefully this cough won’t follow me through all of 2019.

So this is the last post I’ll have for the month, and a couple of things to touch on.

One, Immunity, my latest, is now available on amazon. Check it out, and see if Mary is actually immune to hypnosis, or if there’s something more complicated at play.

Second, my birthday is on the 19th. I may toss up a wish list or two in a week, but just if you feel you can or want to. I’m obviously going to be going crazy with catch up work soon, but it might be fun to do all the same.

That said, I think that catches you up with me. Thanks for dropping by, sorry for being so out of sorts, and I hope that until next time, you take care of you and yours!

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