Wrapping up February, Looking to March!

Hello, everyone!

I hope that this day finds you all well! February is drawing to a close, and while I’m a little bit upset with how it turned out productively I know that it wasn’t entirely within my control. March will be a month of catching up, and while that distresses me, it’s also due to be an exciting one if things pan out like I hope.

Because I’ll be doing everything I can to get Silver Eclipse out next month! New and improved, this expanded, revised, actually-edited version is a fair bit longer than the original Silver Eclipse, but doesn’t undermine any of how the original narrative, characters, or scenes functioned.

As opposed to this being a rewrite that makes things “the way they’re supposed to be”, this is a rewrite that makes it readable with less squinting and frustration, and blatant understandable confusion.

For the moment though, Rose Rejuvenation, the last of the Rose series, is now available!

Rose Rejuvenation is available on Kindle!

The future has a lot in store, both on the EMCSA where the post-silver girl stories continue, and I may be opening up my Patreon to having people vote on what my goals are for the EMCSA. I’m debating it, at the moment 🙂

For now though, this has been my last post in February. I look forward to providing a lot more delicious lesbian mind control fic for all of you!

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