Moving Forward

Hello, everyone!

If you’re regular readers of my blog, then you know… I’ve missed a couple updates. I haven’t missed stories being posted to Amazon because it’s effectively job and I need to make sure I get out new stories, but everywhere else, I’ve had some major issues with keeping up with communication, creation… basically anything, besides trying to put myself back together.

I really should get around to addressing this. I’ve been working on fixing it, but that’s taking time, more time than I want it to take. Frankly… it’s taking any time at all. I pretty much only prefer to choose being productive and successful at everything I try doing. That’s pretty standard stuff.

Well, a couple of weeks ago my relationship ended. It had been with my longest-lasting friend, and it had meant a lot to me. Sadly though, I really think that this is going to be the best for both of us. I say sadly, because I really valued our relationship and wanted to think it would be the way to makes us both happiest, but I no longer think that’s anywhere near the truth. I want the best for her, and frankly, I need to be trying to make myself happy as a goal and not merely hope it’ll happen on its own.

Unfortunately, this has put a very heavy weight on my shoulders, and has made it difficult to be very productive. At least, it’ s been very difficult for me to make new, original sexy work from scratch during this process.

As a result, while projects were meant to have sequels this month, two of these went unwritten.

Instead, we have Linked, and Rewind. Hopefully these are being enjoyed, as I hardly just threw them out without care.

While I recover from this, I’m probably better off being honest by disabling commissions, refunding any unfulfilled, and trying to be quicker with flash fiction.

This is not something I like saying. Mental health issues are something that I’ve had all my life, and unfortunately they’re good at impacting my ability to write sexy. I’ve received a LOT of support, and it has meant a lot to me.

That said, I intend to continue putting along as I have been. A story every Tuesday. Every other Saturday on MCStories unless utterly unable.

I just thought you all deserved an update on why I’ve been so quiet.

Until next time, take care of yourselves, and each other.

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