The Memory Remains pre-order, Adventures on sale!

Hello, everyone!

First, before we launch into the most fun, exciting news? Let’s talk about my latest release. It’s a sexy little story, but it’s not quite the same scope as everything else we’ll be talking about today.

If you’re in the mood for some twisted science fiction mind control, a woman kidnapped, bound, made to serve?

You won’t want to miss…

A white mask over a swirling green spiral, cover for Masked Desire
Masked Desire

A nice, quick, sexy little story that gets right into the fun. I hope that you all enjoy!

But the real excitement at the moment, for me at least, is this week’s major release. After a very, very long time of whinging over this detail or that…

The Memory Remains has been rewritten!

The third major arc in The Adventures of Silver Girl, The Memory Remains shows us a Sarah LaSilvas at her lowest. She’s lost everything… how can she build herself back up, and keep right on fighting?

A black haired woman against a mirror, that shows Silver Girl, below several shadowy figures. The Memory Remains cover.
The Memory Remains

This story picks up not long after Silver Eclipse, and explores the knock-on effects of the sorts of things that she’s been through. A story of grief, erotic heat, and identity, The Memory Remains is a must read if you enjoyed Silver Eclipse and want to know what happens with Sarah next!

If you haven’t been following along as these stories have been released, or rereleased, and want to get started? There’s never been a better time!

The kindle ebook for The Adventures of Silver Girl is on sale! Today it’ll be down to $2.99 and it’ll slowly go back up to the price it was before, $6.99, by Tuesday when The Memory Remains is released!

If you want to get a The Memory Remains paperback, don’t worry, that’ll be released on Tuesday as well! …Amazon just hasn’t allowed for preorders on their paperbacks yet, which is a real, major pain.

Still, a lot of news this week! TMR is finally going to be available again! tAoSG is on sale! Masked Desire is on sale!

Swing by my website, and see some great new art from M Lee Lunsford, who does truly astonishing work.

Thank all of you for your ongoing support, take care of you and yours, and I’ll see you soon with more updates, and thoughts…

Also, my NaNoWriMo has gotten out of control and has nearly broken 100,000 words. I think I may have overshot 50k just a little…

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