Overdue Update!

Hello, everyone!

My apologies for missing so much time in a row. A combination of factors, none of which are important, kludged life up a bit. A new computer that I’ve been trying to get fully smoothed out was part of it. That hasn’t gone quite as well as I’d hoped to be honest, but thankfully it seems to be working alright… but I am admittedly a bit worried if this investment isn’t working out quite so great.

That’s been why my website hasn’t updated either–as my reinstall of Dreamweaver hasn’t quite hit yet and well, that’s an essential tool!

Hopefully I can get all of this sorted soon and be back to more regular updates of this blog, and of the hot MC content you come to me for.

Until then, take care of yourselves, protect yourself and others from unnecessarily contracting a dangerous virus, and I’ll speak to you all again soon–hopefully with some good news!

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