A Very Productive Week!

Hello, everyone!

Finally, I’ve been able to (mostly) recover from my dental surgery–at least enough to be able to get down a lot of fun new words. A lot of my work this week has been on commissions that are likely to end up on the EMCSA, but in the meantime I did release a new story this week. Have you given it a look yet?

Too Much Of A Good Thing Cover
Too Much Of A Good Thing: The Exploits of a Lesbian Mind Controller

This story hit a bit earlier than expected due to Amazon’s unpredictability going quicker which is usually not the way things go! Regardless, if you’re in the mood for a sexy story about a twisted lesbian mind controller who has a bit of a quantity problem? I encourage checking it out. It’s got a fun sense of humor, and a fun resolution to our villainous protagonist’s problem!

I’m gearing up to start releasing some of my other projects I’ve had back burnered for a bit, and I think you’ll really enjoy them. There’s going to be some experimentation with serial releases soon, but each piece will be a satisfying chunk of erotic mind control sure to leave you hungry for more!

If you aren’t aware, I’ve also begun to post to MC Stories again and relaunched by Patreon. You can find my MC Stories work here, and my Patreon is here! Supporting these releases gets more free MC Erotica for everyone!

I hope you’re all drinking lots of water, staying inside when you can, and when you can’t, wearing a mask. A lot of places might be cancelling Halloween in advance, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep the spirit alive by wearing a mask!

If you haven’t been keeping up with Modren’s wonderful Whiteout story on MC Stories you should start now! I’ve been getting sneak-peeks to aid in the writing process, and trust me when I say that the action is really heating up! While you’re reading it, drop her a line, or check out her Patreon! While we’re at it? Her carrd is here, and that has all of the links you could ask for.

That’s me for the moment! I hope that you’ll all be back next week, and that you take care of yourselves… and each other!

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