February Rose Deals!

Hello, everyone!

This week doesn’t have a new release, and there isn’t too much exciting going on to talk about, but I do have a deal for you! This month, and stretching out to March 4th because that sounds fun enough, the Romancing Roses series is on a 50% sale on Smashwords!

This is a public coupon, so if I understand correctly, it should be applied automatically. If it isn’t? Use the coupon code JH93Q to save 50% on Rose Petals, Rose Miracles, or Rose Rejuvenation! February is a season of love (and my birthday) so it felt appropriate!

Romancing Roses - 50% off until March 4th!
Romancing Roses – 50% off until March 4th!

Check them out! They’re sweeter, softer, fluffier stories that still have sexy lesbian mind control involved! I hope that you’ll all enjoy!

This week on ROM and the EMCSA the second half of Inner Daemon will be released, but you can already get it now if you hop on over to my Patreon! Speaking of Patreon? A new series is starting over there! Its name? Lightstorm in a Bottle. Check it out at the $10 tier!

For now, that’s really all I’ve got. February can be a slow month… but I’ll be doing my best to fill it with heat!

Look forward to another Ink story next week, and until then?

Take care of yourselves, and each other!

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