The End of March, Sealed!

Hello again, everyone!

First up, as is usual for these bi weekly updates… a new story release is here!

Sealed with a Kiss--Available now!
Sealed with a Kiss–Available now!

Sealed with a Kiss, part six of the Ink Slick Preamble is available now! Pick up your copy on Smashwords or Amazon!

While you’re there, you can look at the next release, Ink Bot! Here’s a link for Smashwords and one for Amazon!

Also there’s new art of Susan and Lida up on my website! Did you know I update every other week when I have a new release? You do now! It’s full of art, and other fun stuff including a link to my Patreon where, for as much or as little money as you want, you can support me and get to read new stories up to two weeks before anyone else does! Plus you support me releasing free erotic fiction, which is great for the world if you ask me.

The world needs more free, sexy literature.

Lately as I’ve mentioned recently I’ve been rereading a lot of trilby else. I recently finished up with  Leasehold, then Outcall. Now, I’m on to his magnum opus.


It’s not a story for everyone, but if you enjoy mind control that is so complete and total, that bends reality and memory… gosh, it’s just astounding, and I feel like if I capture a fragment of that heat in my own writing I’ve done something right. Given the response from my lovely readers it seems I do, so I hope if you check it out, that you enjoy!

March is nearly over, which means we’ll be 1/4th through the year! There’s so much  more to come! More inky short stories, and then, well… you’ll need to wait and see! I have so much planned, and I hope that you’re all just as excited as I am to see where it all goes!

Until next time, I’m going to go and post to my Patreon exclusive blog–the one I update every week about what I’ve been writing. It includes discussion of my epub work, too!

For now?

Take care of yourselves, and each other!

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