Ink Dripping Right Along

Hello, everyone!

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful time of July so far! Summer has finally hit, and… phew if it hasn’t made things very warm in the pacific northwest! A little too warm, but I’m adjusting fairly well all things considered.

Part of that just includes whining that I swear we used to get a LOT more rain than this… primarily because we did!

Droughts are no good.

But there hasn’t been a drought of content from me, as I think anyone could see! The Ink Soaked Penumbra continues to drip, with Volume 5 being available for preorder on Amazon for next Tuesday and on Smashwords to add to your library. I do not understand why Smashwords does not accept preorders. It is frustrating, but oh well!

Due to a combination of factors I haven’t read nearly enough on the EMCSA lately, but this weekend won’t be an update there… but I will still have a new story on Read Only Mind, or ROM.

Readership on ROM seems like it’s still building up, but the feedback I get there is very nice, so don’t hesitate!

This weekend will give us the second half of Lifted Up to Surrender… but if you want to pledge $10 to my Patreon, you can get more of the aphrodisiac filled, corruption soaked, heroine goodness that is Sync Scent?

Head over to My Patreon!

Finally, don’t forget! I have a discord server for lovers of all varieties of Erotic Mind Control, and you can join us here on discord!

Plus, I have a little corner of the net just for me… the Madam Kistulot’s Domain Discord!

For now, however?

I don’t have the most recommendations or suggestions or the like, but I’ll try to have some soon! I blame the weather.

Take care of yourselves, and each other, and I’ll be back here next week!

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