Story recommendations and anachronistic thoughts

Hello everyone!

I hope that today finds you well. I’m currently in a somewhat… precarious situation at the moment. If things get a little bit worse then there is a very real chance I could be forced to evacuate. I live in Oregon and well…

There are a lot of fires everywhere, the air is basically smoke, and my windows all are glowing a bright and vibrant yellow!

I have no way of knowing what will be coming next, but I’ll be doing my best to not let it affect me any more than it needs to. If it does, I should still be able to blog on the go, though productivity may be… thoroughly affected.

That said, I want to provide some positivity here if I can, so my first topic today? Stories you should read, and can read, right now!

It Rings for Thee by Doctor D. is a story I’ve recommended to anyone who cares to listen, and it’s so close to its conclusion! Even still, we’re getting more lore, more hot twisted flavors of fun… A story of corruption, and twisted wrongness, if you aren’t reading this story you’re doing yourself a disservice!

Saturday Morning Cartoon by Doctor D. is another delightfully twisted story from the brilliant genius who brought you It Rings for Thee! This time the world is post-magical girl, or post-apoc magical girl? I Recommend this one as much for the fun take on the genre as the sexy prose and the fun situations. This one is just starting, so get in on it now!

Tasmania by PlanetSurf is a story I loved from the start, and now that it’s found its stride I love it even more. It had a lot to set up so this newly released second installment could be so sexy… and it is! It is a delight. The darker directions it aims towards are so fun, too! I can’t wait to see what happens next, and I think you’ll be as hooked if you give it a glance.

Trigger-Happy Girl Hunt by Modren is in some ways the polar opposite of the previously recommended stories. It’s a lot more care-free, a lot sillier… but it’s in a fun way! And frankly, if you think about it beyond how it’s framed, it’s still dark in fun ways… but it’s FUN and goofy and you should be able to enjoy this even if you’re in the mood for lighter fare than I am as of late!

Bourgeoisie Corruption by Skaetlett is similarly dark, but fun in a different sort of way. Written by someone who understands the socioeconomic stratification we’re dealing with right now, this story is about a punk being turned bougie… but it’s not offensive like that might sound. It’s sexy, and twisted, but it’s hot and really shows an understanding of WHY it’s hot. Read this story!

That’s all for my recommendations, I think!

I’ve been revising stories from 2007 as of late, and it’s been a trip to look back and see how the world has changed. Cellphones were already growing in popularity back then, but they were still a sort of bonus as opposed to a necessity. Smart phones weren’t a thing at all–not like they are now at any rate!

If you wanted to search something on the go, you called someone in front of a computer. If you didn’t have a cell phone you sought out a payphone, and now-a-days most of those are just hollow shells! Wireless phones are still a thing, but they used to be neat with the assumption that by default, phones were wired. You’d sometimes get someone else’s conversation cutting in, and it was a bit of a trip.

Why do I bring these up? Well, these could all very much play a role in how the stories we tell and enjoy are written. Like horror movies, cell phones let you call for help. Batteries can run out, signals can drop, but they’re a constant element now and that can stretch believably if it happens too often without a character’s traits suiting this kind of mistake. Heck, pay phones as a mind control device was I believe an underdog episode? Not a cartoon I saw much. You’re unlikely to accidentally get someone else’s hypnotic call cutting into yours…

In a modern story, anyway.

As I update the Silver Girl series, various anachronisms have been left intact. There’s a VCR in a fancy hotel. Sarah gets her first cellphone, as an adult, during the series. At that point she’s nearly twenty five years old.

It’s a fun thing to stop and consider how stories would be different twenty years ago, ten years ago…

Writing 90’s mind control period pieces should not appeal to me.

Well, that’s me for now! If you’d like to support my work more than by buying my ebook releases, you can also support my patreon! I have a discord for fans to chat with each other, and a discord I administrate for fans of all flavors of mind control! Feel free to drop by!

For now, take care of yourselves and each other.

Please wear a mask, and watch out for local wildfires!

Black Lives Matter

Hello, everyone!

This post is late because I was too loaded on Percocet due to a recent bit of dental surgery to figure out how to log on using my laptop. Now that I’m a bit more healed up, my desktop is much easier to use.

That said, this post is less about me and more about drawing attention to an important topic: racism in the Erotic Mind Control community. I typed up a long tweet thread that you can read here, and I would strongly recommend you take a look at that.

Please give that a look, as I feel it goes into some very important depth and I couldn’t recapture it a second time.

As of now I’ve still yet to year back from Simon. That feels reasonable, given what a big deal this is…

But also a new discord has sprung up, beyond the MCL discord, to work on a community project from the ground up to create an alternative to the EMCSA. I still want to fix the issues at MCStories if possible for many, many reasons, but things are on the move to not simply be patient and wait for things to happen.

It’s not my project, but I support it even if I’m not skilled enough to provide much technical assistance.

Still, racism is a major issue in our community. It’s a major issue in a lot of communities. If you have a voice that people will listen to, I feel it’s your responsibility to use it to speak up and make things better.

Too long I was silent, and I know others have been as well? But personal responsibility here is key. This isn’t about shaming anyone else. This is about standing up, saying this is important, and trying to help counter it where I can. I’ve had a lot of BIPOC reach out to me, further educating me about their experiences since I made that series of posts. It’s been enlightening, but none of them needed to tell me these things for me to be able to see there was an issue that needed sorted out. That isn’t to say their words haven’t helped me figure out more about this issue, but none of them deserved me being silent until now. There was enough that I understood just fine.

Support BIPOC authors in our community, be they writers, readers, models, artists… anything.

I’ve mentioned them both before, but hey, if you haven’t read the works of Doctor D. orĀ  J. Darksong you may benefit from taking a look and seeing if anything they’ve written is up your alley. Follow the tweets of Ari who makes microfiction and is generally great. Check out the work of Brooke Pom over on her Patreon!

The community might look very white from who is highlighted, and what content we’ve ignored in the past, but it is NOT white, and we can do better to make these voices feel safe, welcome, and visible.

I hope you’ll join me in this task.

Until next week, when hopefully I have more to report on my own writing, I hope you’ll take good care of yourselves… and each other.