Second Half of the Moon

Hello again, everyone!

On Tuesday, the second half of Red Moon Rising will start releasing! I’m pretty excited about it myself. Red Moon Rising is the second longest story in the Silver Girl series, second only to The Argentum Project… and let’s be honest, that story could be split into two!

It probably would have been split into two if I wasn’t working to keep Silver Girl’s structure as much the same as I possibly could. There’ve been additions, including new stories (Flash Friction and In Over Her Head! If you haven’t read those, don’t forget to check them out!) but the structure has remained the same.

It’s mostly been an effort to make it so the rewrites aren’t bare bones. The original drafts of these stories did not make the most of… basically anything! They were enjoyed, but I imagined that I could do a lot better, and that’s what these rereleases have all been about.

But while Tuesday will bring a new release, you won’t need to wait that long!

Tomorrow over on Patreon, my $5 patrons will have a chance to read One Last Pill, a story about a woman with a bit of a self control problem when it comes to pharmaceuticals. My $10 patrons get to read the first chapters of The Path of Least Resistance, another story about Livewire, and my $15 patrons get to read part two, taking them halfway through the story!

Also, if you join my Patreon you get to read a weekly blog post about what I’ve been writing! Don’t forget that my new tier enables you to get my ebook releases without needing to grab them off of Smashwords or Amazon!

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That’s all from me for the moment, but in the meantime? Take care of yourselves, and each other!

Compiled in Ink

Hello again!

This week saw the release of the fully compiled Ink Soaked Penumbra, including the paperback! If you want to pick up a copy of the compiled e-book today, you can do so on Smashwords.

Ink Soaked Penumbra now available!
Ink Soaked Penumbra now available!

And on Amazon, you can pick up the paperback copy here!

It feels a little sad to be moving on from so much ink, but here we are! The Ink is behind us, and we’re moving on to a new series: To Patrol and Control. This is a very exciting series… for multiple reasons!

First of which?

Flash Friction is not a rewrite, a rerelease, or anything like that. It’s nothing that contradicts anything that happened, but it lets us see something that would have, should have happened before if I’d realized something sooner. I never saw something very simple.

Olivia and Valerie never really have a good chance to get to know each other better.

Flash Friction, my next release, seeks to remedy that.

Flash Friction, now available for preorder!
Flash Friction, now available for preorder!

If you want to preorder it on Amazon, you can do so here, or mark it for your library on Smashwords!

This story is one I’m very proud of, so I hope you’re all eager to support it!

Last week I uh… made a little mistake and accidentally was a week behind, so my EMCSA release will be catching up, parts 1 and 2 of Reunion, but it’ll be finished up on Patreon already, and the start of a new story, a story about sex ninjas, will begin to release! If you want more writing from me and you aren’t supporting me on Patreon, you’ll want to check that out!

A lot of exciting things are waiting us in the future… and I think you’ll all really enjoy the ride!

But that’s all from me for now, so take care of yourselves… and each other!