Ink and the Future!

Hello, everyone!

This weekend I’ll be pressing go on the paperback for Ink Soaked Penumbra. Sadly, I won’t have access to a link until it goes live, but it’ll be up on Amazon on Tuesday and my website should be updated appropriately!

After that’s done, look forward to the future, which has some exciting news for all Silver Girl fans.

The next series is another series of shorts in the ongoing Silver Girl series, but this one contains stories never before released anywhere! In examining the following story I noticed there were two things that never get addressed, so…

New stories!

The first of these I’ll be telling you about after the release of ISP2’s paperback, but I think you’ll all really like them!

As for my Patreon releases, this week my $5 tier are getting the second part of Award Winning Fuck Doll. My $10 and up patrons are getting their hands on part two of Reunion, a very fun story.

If you want to find out more… check out my patreon! I even give weekly blog posts about what I’m up to that week! 🙂

Until then, that’s all for me!

Take care of yourselves… and each other!