The First Post of 2020!

Hello, everyone!

I hope that you all had an amazing New years, and are all having an absolutely lovely new year so far. If there’s anything that I want for all of you more than an amazing 2020? I don’t know it.

Pretty amazing to hear that it’s 2020. I remember very vividly when the year ‘2000’ sounded like a fakey future year. Now we’re in 2020, and the ‘hindsight’ jokes go on endlessly. Social media is a mind field of bad jokes, and I am all here for it.

I’ve got a lot of big plans for this year. The Agent Road, a series of five short stories that play out between “The Memory Remains” and the next Silver Girl novel length story will be coming out starting in February. I have a lot of other big things coming up too, but I don’t want to spoil everything so quickly–there’s no fun in that.

Next week will be my first release of the year. I’m looking forward to it, even if I just can’t settle on a cover. As a writer, needing to make covers because I can’t afford to buy them is a thing that makes me whine a lot sometimes, but it’s worth it. for one, it means I can self pub. For another, I actually did take an ‘intro to image manipulation’ course in college, so at least that class is paying for itself!

It feels too early in the year to spoil very much, but I think in two weeks I’ll have a cover reveal for the first of the TAR series… and that should be exciting!

In the meantime, 2020 is going to be a year with a lot of very exciting developments… and I hope that you’ll come along with me for the journey.

Until next time…?

Take care of yourself, and each other!

Last Post of 2019!

Hello, everyone!

This time next week it’ll be 2020, can you believe it? I barely can. It’s crazy to imagine, really… So much has happened this year. I went to a hypnocon, met some fans in person, released Silver Eclipse and The Memory Remains among other tales…

There was an extended rough patch in there unfortunately, but life isn’t always smooth sailing. I’m sure sooner or later it’ll be useful feelings for a story.

I also spent a month so miserably sick I’m pretty sure I was close to being in severe danger. I cannot remember a time whee I tried to stand up only to pass out and wake up on the floor. That’s definitely going to be useful experience for writing.

A lot of exciting stories are coming from me soon, too! Next year we’ll be seeing the release of The Argent Road, the short stories that will lead up to the next major Silver Girl novel–The Argentum Project. So much is on the horizon…

I hope you all had a lovely holiday, and will have a lovely new year.

Also, a new story of mine was released and already has a lovely review that I think sums it up nicely:

This review may be short and to-the-point…? But I think it sums up Nyan well. If that sounds fun to you? You’ll like Nyan.

Nyan on Kindle!

Find Nyan here on Amazon!

For now, that’s me! I hope that you enjoy Nyan, and my stories to come. For the meantime… I need to get some sleep, and hit the ground running on some new words when I wake up!

Take care of yourselves and each other… and I’ll see you next week!

Simple Ideas Can Be the Most Promising

Hello everyone!

It’s another Thursday, so I’m back again!

More rewriting and fresh writing anew dances across my screen. The holiday season is busy for a lot of people, but this year it’s pretty calm in my world. Mostly it’s been about reconnecting with friends, getting writing down, and pondering the future.

2020 is a year that sounds fake.

Well, it sounds more like someone’s eyes than a year at any rate. That said, I’m kinda looking forward to it. I don’t believe in resolutions–if you want to change, if you don’t change now you won’t and using a zeitgeist hasn’t ever panned out long term for me… but it’s still different.

In March, I will have been a hypnotist for more years than I was NOT a hypnotist. That’s pretty exciting. I learned when I was sixteen, so thirty three will cross past that point.

Silver Girl was first released in 2005, so next year she’ll be turning 15. I’ll need to do something exciting for that, but what? I’m not yet entirely certain. 15 is a year that feels pretty important. Crazy to believe that it’s nearly closer to the 20th anniversary than the 10th of my first major release. I’m hoping by then all of the original series will be written out, released, and sitting in trade paperbacks on my shelf–and yours too, if you’re into that!

For now, that’s all. If you missed last week’s release, please take a look! Thank you for reading, and until next time, take care of yourselves and each other.

Just a little over three weeks left…!

Hello, everyone!

Can you believe that it’s really less than four weeks from 2020? As someone who grew up in the 90’s watching a lot of 70’s and 80’s stuff, that year sounds so incredibly far fetched and futuristic. I remember when 2005 was supposed to mean hover car robots in Autobot City on Earth. I think we missed out on that one, but to be fair we also haven’t needed to deal with Unicron, so it all balances out.

This week I released a fun new story, and I think that you should all check it out!

The name is a bit silly–and is by far my longest title yet. I call it…

While You’re Here Check Out My Soundcloud! (How A Post On Social Media Made Me Into An Obedient, Mind-Controlled Lesbian Sex Slave With Some Weird Music)

It’s a fun, bite sized little tale of erotic lesbian mind control. Here’s the synopsis, just to whet your appetites:

Laura is enjoying the start of her freshman year of college. This is supposed to be ‘real life’ but things don’t feel all that different yet, except for one major difference. Now? She has privacy. Now? She can spend hours doing whatever she wants with no one expecting her to be anywhere or having a chance to interrupt. This means, of course, that she does what anyone does with privacy and free time…

She browses social media to see cute cat memes.

After seeing a particularly clever meme Laura sees that the woman has a link to her soundcloud. Curious about what sorts of music a woman who made such a cute, clever meme might post, she eagerly listens in… and her life is changed forever as she is caught up in a hot, wet, sticky web of lesbian lust that may draw in more than just Laura…

This story is currently out on Amazon, and was inspired by my patrons over on patreon! Would you like to support my fiction without needing to buy a new book? Head over to my patreon, and support me if that sounds like something nice!

For the moment, I’m mostly just working on rewriting more Silver Girl, and preparing more future releases for Amazon. Not a lot else to really comment on, apologies! I have a lot of words coming for you, so keep an eye out here, on my website, and on Amazon! Until then…

Take care of yourselves, and each other!

Another Week With More to Say!

Hello again, everyone!

This week has mostly been spent deep in the writing mines for me with not a lot exciting to report on other fronts. I’ve been making my way through the stories that follow The Memory Remains, which will now collectively be known as The Argent Road.

These stories are Wherever I May Roam, Dust High, Misted Facets, Nocturnal Interlude, and Informant. I’ve been making very good progress on them, and I think that you’ll all really enjoy what they have to offer.

At this point in the Silver Girl franchise I’d decided “hey, it’s time for me to actually read some comics, huh?” so I picked up a few, and got to reading. I still have all of them on my shelf. These comics include the early run of Ultimate Spider-Man (sadly not including Miles Morales, but as with most things the X-Men got involved and I stopped enjoying it as much), Crisis on Infinite Earths, X-Men: Endsong, Identity Crisis, batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Identity Crisis, Power Girl’s self titled series, and a few other books here and there.

Obviously, I’m much more of a DC gal. That said, I couldn’t care less about Snyder’s cut or the DC cinematic universe in general. Marvel’s cinematic universe lost me, too, with Age of Ultron. More power to you if you can enjoy them! I enjoyed Captain Marvel, though they’ll need to offer up something great in a sequel to make up for how shamelessly queer baiting that film was.

The big thing I took away from comics was the concept of lead-ins to events. Anyone who reads comics knows events take up too much of the way they flow anymore, and it’s a bad thing… and I wasn’t terribly critical of that. However, something fun occurred to me:

What if, between major arcs of Sarah LaSilvas’s life, the big novel length works… we pulled the camera back a bit and showed things from other perspectives? The novels are first person, so we really only see things she sees, how she sees them… but what if we saw more of the world, from more sets of eyes?

While not all of the lead ins as I deemed the shorter stories that preceded each novel release were from different perspectives… it felt like a great way to show the world was more than just what Sarah saw. It felt a good way to show the way things changed, and the growth of the world outside of her.

If you’d like to catch up with the Silver Girl series, you can find all of the books listed conveniently here, and will see The Argent Road once it’s ready!

A cropped portion of the cover of The Adventures of Silver Girl with Sarah waving beside the text with a newton's cradle ball swinging in front of Midas City at night
The Adventures of Silver Girl Series Page

For now, take care of yourselves, and each other!

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

Hello everyone!

I hope that you’re all doing well, and whether you’re in the states and celebrate Thanksgiving now or not, I hope that you’re having a lovely time. Thanksgiving has a lot of very complicated feelings for a lot of people. It has some unpleasant aspects to its roots, to say the least.

My hope is that if you spend time with your loved ones, or if you take advantage of the sales, you do well.

My own plans, well, that’s between me and me, but at least some of it is going to involve reading, writing, and eagerly awaiting the arrival of my author copies for The Memory Remains.

In case you missed it, the third novel in the Silver Girl series has been released. It’s an important one for me, because it was the first that way back in the day didn’t come from any roleplay that was then turned into prose, and now it’s important for the way it is the first time that we have some real time to stop, slow down, and explore some of the realities of Sarah LaSilvas’s experiences.

The cover of The Memory Remains
The Memory Remains

Also, since the books take forever to link between ebook and paperback… if it still isn’t updated, this link will function for the paperback. The image above will work for the ebook, or this link in a pinch.

I know most people prefer to have these stories digitally, but for me, having this series in a physical form has been… incredibly important. It’s kept me motivated during times when it’s been incredibly hard to work through chunky bits of old writing, or write up new stories so everything keeps going in the meantime.

After this last chunk of Holiday is over, the only thing that remains before the end of the year of special note is the Winter holiday season.

Both this holiday, and the next bunch are all ones that are big, family, romantic partner, etc, holidays. That can be rough for a lot of people.

Please take care of yourself during this time. Self care is important, and it can be as simple as taking a moment to breathe, finding a way to get some exercise during the bad weather, or enjoying some harmless nostalgia to try to keep your mood up during rough times.

It sucks to feel lonely, or inadequate, or unloved during times where the whole world is going on about how important companionship, love, and family are. I don’t have any great words to say to many everything better, but as someone who has been in a rough patch a lot of the year, I wanna toss you as much of my support as I can… and recommend a couple of great, free stories you can get over on the EMCSA, or

Doctor D has the amazing Blood on Parchment which recently wrapped up. It is astounding. Please give it a read, and give her your feedback. She writes such amazing prose, but never gets nearly enough response for it. She deserves it. The language she shapes is just… astounding.

Extracts from the Westriver Gazette is really amazing. It’s by an author I think you should all try to be aware of, Hypnotic Harlequin. This piece is rally inventive, fun, and I got a lot out of it. I hope that you will, too.

I think that’s all I have for you this week! I wanted to make sure to get The Memory Remains out before December. Back in January I made a point of saying in a lot of places that The Memory Remains would be out this year… and I didn’t want it to be December. November isn’t MUCH better, especially missing Silver Girl’s 14th anniversary, but it’s not quite as bad.

Until next time, take care of yourselves, and each other.

Thanks for stopping by.


The Memory Remains pre-order, Adventures on sale!

Hello, everyone!

First, before we launch into the most fun, exciting news? Let’s talk about my latest release. It’s a sexy little story, but it’s not quite the same scope as everything else we’ll be talking about today.

If you’re in the mood for some twisted science fiction mind control, a woman kidnapped, bound, made to serve?

You won’t want to miss…

A white mask over a swirling green spiral, cover for Masked Desire
Masked Desire

A nice, quick, sexy little story that gets right into the fun. I hope that you all enjoy!

But the real excitement at the moment, for me at least, is this week’s major release. After a very, very long time of whinging over this detail or that…

The Memory Remains has been rewritten!

The third major arc in The Adventures of Silver Girl, The Memory Remains shows us a Sarah LaSilvas at her lowest. She’s lost everything… how can she build herself back up, and keep right on fighting?

A black haired woman against a mirror, that shows Silver Girl, below several shadowy figures. The Memory Remains cover.
The Memory Remains

This story picks up not long after Silver Eclipse, and explores the knock-on effects of the sorts of things that she’s been through. A story of grief, erotic heat, and identity, The Memory Remains is a must read if you enjoyed Silver Eclipse and want to know what happens with Sarah next!

If you haven’t been following along as these stories have been released, or rereleased, and want to get started? There’s never been a better time!

The kindle ebook for The Adventures of Silver Girl is on sale! Today it’ll be down to $2.99 and it’ll slowly go back up to the price it was before, $6.99, by Tuesday when The Memory Remains is released!

If you want to get a The Memory Remains paperback, don’t worry, that’ll be released on Tuesday as well! …Amazon just hasn’t allowed for preorders on their paperbacks yet, which is a real, major pain.

Still, a lot of news this week! TMR is finally going to be available again! tAoSG is on sale! Masked Desire is on sale!

Swing by my website, and see some great new art from M Lee Lunsford, who does truly astonishing work.

Thank all of you for your ongoing support, take care of you and yours, and I’ll see you soon with more updates, and thoughts…

Also, my NaNoWriMo has gotten out of control and has nearly broken 100,000 words. I think I may have overshot 50k just a little…

Writing Up A Storm!

Hello, everyone!

I realize now that I haven’t mentioned one of the projects that I’ve been working on this month! While I’ve largely been distracted with Amazon releases for the future, trying to get up a stockpile so my absence won’t be that long again for quite the time even if I should get as sick as I was in January… I’ve also been amidst NaNoWriMo 2019!

The project I’ve been working on only has a code name because I feel “Untitled Madam Kistulot Project” rings a lot better than the poor title I gave the file when I started working. I might change it to that just for fun, even when released it will be VERY different.

NaNoWriMo, if you don’t know, is National Novel Writing Month! It’s been going on for quite some time, though this is only my second or third year intentionally participating. This is the case namely because the idea is to get 50k written in a month at the pace of 1,666 words/day as a goal. For those familiar with how prolific I can be, a part of me has felt a bit mean for competing because my daily goals for myself tend to be 5k, making it easily completed within ten days when the event goes on for 30.

However, as you also likely know, this year has been a little bit of a slog for me. Personal complications, illnesses, plane delays, you name it this year has had it going on and going wrong. As a result I ended up somewhat off of my rhythm, and do you know what always helps me?


So I plunged face first into this year with an idea in mind, and I think it’s really flowed quite amazingly so far. I’m going to try going back to a serialized release structure for it on Amazon, so I hope you’ll all look forward to it! So far to tease I’d call it a cross between The Adventures of Silver Girl and Delivery. I hope you’ll all like it as much as I’m adoring writing it!

That said? I do heavily encourage all of my readers to give NaNoWriMo a chance if it’s up their alley! You can do it any month, any time of year! You can even use their site in non-november months!

If you want to make me a buddy, you can find me here on NaNo!

For now, I’m going to get back to some new writing! Until next week, take care of yourselves and each other!

The Memory Remains Cover Reveal!

Hello everyone!

Before I get into my main announcement for this blog post, I’d like to plug my latest release. It’s a short, fun, twisted little tale of a mother named Madeline desperate to fix her relationship with her daughter Kelly, and make sure that Kelly doesn’t end up like she did. This is all made a lot simpler by Jaclyn Darbonne… and thanks to her intervention, they’ll be doing a lot more together.

Cover for Jaclyn Darbonne: Unethical Hypnotherapist: Volume 1: Bringing Families Together
Jaclyn Darbonne: Unethical Hypnotherapist: Volume 1: Bringing Families Together

It was a fun story to write, and I think you’ll enjoy reading it. It can be fun to let someone think for you a bit now and then, mm?

With that off to one side, hopefully you’re all every bit as excited as I am to get to feast your eyes on the latest cover from Rotem Dishon. It’s soulful, it’s touching, and it hints at so many fun little details!

Without any further stalling, I bring you the cover of The Memory Remains!

The cover of The Memory Remains showing a depowered, crying Sarah LaSilvas kneeling beside a mirror showing herself as Silver Girl as shadowy figures with silver and red energy loom overhead
The Adventures of Silver Girl: The Memory Remains

Finally I’ve tossed my final draft of this story off to my editor, and once I get it back, I intend to start making the final steps necessary to release this before the end of 2019! I set a release date (the loosest release date one can-a year!) and I really intend to stick with it.

The Memory Remains is a different story for Sarah LaSilvas. It’s one that shows the results of a complicated, twisted journey of having one’s mind controlled again and again. It shows the complicated feelings one can have about a person they know in their hearts they shouldn’t adore… but they do.

It shows a woman at a very low point in her life… but it also shows hope.

And I hope that when it goes live on Amazon… you’ll all be there with me, eager to come along for the ride! 🙂

Until next time, take care of yourselves, and each other.

Happy Halloween, Happy CORE volume 14!

Hello, everyone!

I’m bad at getting back on the wagon of updates, but I’ll do my best to do better going forward! It’s Halloween, and I have a new volume of Halloween Screams out now! It’s a massive rewrite of what was a tiny, baby of a ficlet years ago made nearly eight times as long!

I call it… Exvolensation

The cover of Halloween Screams: Tales of Sapphic Treats Volume 5: Exvolensation with a woman wearing only a white bra laying back on a bed, hand on her head, dimly lit.
Halloween Screams: Tales of Sapphic Treats Volume 5: Exvolensation

If something hunting a woman in the night, threatening to take the very will from her mind sounds up your alley, something not quite but not fully unlike a vampire…? Check out Exvolensation on Amazon!

So with that out of the way, what else is new?

As it turns out… a fair bit! Callidus and I finally got around to recording another episode of The Black Room! It’s an interview focused episode, but I think it’s an intriguing one!

Check out The Black Room Episode 21 with.. Uzubono!

It was really fun to record. Callidus is always a joy to work with. While you’re there for the podcast, check out his hot photomanips. you wont be disappointed.

Speaking of Uzubono, one of the BEST Poser artists to ever render a 3d model… Are you excited as I am that a new volume of CORE is out?

CORE Precipice Pt 1 cover with three women approaching a structure, long shadows stretching out behind them.
CORE Precipice Pt 1

CORE volume 14 is out now! Check it out here!

I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but I’m super excited and looking forward to it! I hope you all will give it a read, and give Uzubono and Tabico some feedback!

I wouldn’t mind similar, but I’m not about to shill for that too hard!

By the end of this week The Memory Remains should be in the hands of my editors. I’m going to miss getting it out by the 14th anniversary of The Adventures of Silver Girl next month, but hey, wanna see the cover anyway? I know you do… so I’ll be showing it next update!

Thanks everyone for your time! Take care of yourselves, and eachother… and I hope you’ll visit me back here soon!