Monday Post About Future Scheduling

Hello, everyone!

I’ve been finding it easier to get back into the swing of things, but that said, I still want to be a bit careful with it. Pushing myself too fast, too hard, etc, is not going to make sure that you regularly get your hands on some good, classic, high quality erotic mind control fiction.

So while I intend to keep with it, I don’t want to push myself to keep to a weekly cycle. That doesn’t seem tight, but it is a lot tighter than it may seem at a glance. As a result, I intend to do an every-other-week release on Amazon for the moment so I can spend time working on larger projects amidst smaller releases, and so if I miss an update, I don’t feel so bad about it I consider dropping the whole thing as a failure and a mess.

Thank you all for your understanding, as there will be no new story this week, but there will be next week! that said, there will also be one of my regular blogposts on Thursdfay, too, even on weeks where I’ve little new to shill for.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and I’ll see you on Thursday!

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