Happy Halloween, Happy CORE volume 14!

Hello, everyone!

I’m bad at getting back on the wagon of updates, but I’ll do my best to do better going forward! It’s Halloween, and I have a new volume of Halloween Screams out now! It’s a massive rewrite of what was a tiny, baby of a ficlet years ago made nearly eight times as long!

I call it… Exvolensation

The cover of Halloween Screams: Tales of Sapphic Treats Volume 5: Exvolensation with a woman wearing only a white bra laying back on a bed, hand on her head, dimly lit.
Halloween Screams: Tales of Sapphic Treats Volume 5: Exvolensation

If something hunting a woman in the night, threatening to take the very will from her mind sounds up your alley, something not quite but not fully unlike a vampire…? Check out Exvolensation on Amazon!

So with that out of the way, what else is new?

As it turns out… a fair bit! Callidus and I finally got around to recording another episode of The Black Room! It’s an interview focused episode, but I think it’s an intriguing one!

Check out The Black Room Episode 21 with.. Uzubono!

It was really fun to record. Callidus is always a joy to work with. While you’re there for the podcast, check out his hot photomanips. you wont be disappointed.

Speaking of Uzubono, one of the BEST Poser artists to ever render a 3d model… Are you excited as I am that a new volume of CORE is out?

CORE Precipice Pt 1 cover with three women approaching a structure, long shadows stretching out behind them.
CORE Precipice Pt 1

CORE volume 14 is out now! Check it out here!

I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but I’m super excited and looking forward to it! I hope you all will give it a read, and give Uzubono and Tabico some feedback!

I wouldn’t mind similar, but I’m not about to shill for that too hard!

By the end of this week The Memory Remains should be in the hands of my editors. I’m going to miss getting it out by the 14th anniversary of The Adventures of Silver Girl next month, but hey, wanna see the cover anyway? I know you do… so I’ll be showing it next update!

Thanks everyone for your time! Take care of yourselves, and eachother… and I hope you’ll visit me back here soon!


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