Hello, everyone!

It’s not too weird to get snow over here in Boston, but waking up with so much snow but clean streets? That’s something I’m not used to at all! Portland would get snow occasionally, but it would stay there. At best you’d have it worn down by other cars.

Living in a place actually ready for snow is pretty nice.

I hope you’re all getting your vaccines/boosters if eligible. This time of year getting a flu shot isn’t a bad idea, either. I got one myself on Friday. It wasn’t pleasant (especially since I was already at the doctor to lose blood, so that meant two needles for different reasons) but it’s important we all do our part to keep infections down!

Some of the winter holidays are already here, some are yet to come, and the new year continues to approach. If you haven’t read it yet, might I recommend one of my stories you can find on Smashwords and Amazon? Namely..

Gift of the Sorceress, from the Tomes of Modern Magic series!
Gift of the Sorceress, from the Tomes of Modern Magic series!

Gift of the Sorceress is a very important story for me. It was the first I wrote in the Modern Magic series, inspired by the idea of a magical woman revealing herself to a modern neopagan–the kind I was back when I was a teenager. No offense to anyone who still is, it’s a perfectly valid path.

To Serve and Obey will continue next week, but in the meantime my $10 patrons already have a sneak peek at this year’s holiday story from me. It would normally be Friday, but I made a little mistake last week. My $5 patrons are going to enjoy a story that’s a followup to Lifted Up to Surrender, staring a pair of sisters who move in to a new apartment and get much more than they bargained for. To show your support, check out my Patreon!

If you’d like to chat with me and other fans of my writing, please, join us in the Madam Kistulot’s Domain Discord!

Until next week?

Take care of yourselves, and each other!

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