You Always Spark the Ones You Love, and a happy new year!

So, it’s not terribly long now before 2022, and that means I won’t be releasing another blog post until it’s well after the new year. To take care of that now…

A happy new year to all of you!

That said, before the year ticks over there is one last release on Smashwords and Amazon…and I think you’ll all enjoy it!

To Serve and Obey Volume 3: You Always Spark the Ones You love is available now! Pick up your copy today.

Volume 3: You Always Spark the Ones you Love is available now!
Volume 3: You Always Spark the Ones you Love is available now!

If you want to preorder Volume 4, you can do so here on Amazon, or add it to your Smashwords library here.

Next week will be the first year of 2022, and while there will be a blog post at such a time, it’s going to be written in advance. It’s been a long time since I haven’t spent an entire week doing any work at all… and I intend on making it so this week sets a new, better trend for me.

Namely, taking vacations.

So while there will still be stories this next weekend, I’m going to be completely refraining form any duties associated with publishing, writing, editing, etc. I need a little time to just be and relax to fix this nasty case of burnout.

I’ll try to make it nice and interesting, but in the meantime I do have one other little thing to share. If you enjoy art? My website has a new link, just for you!

New Art now available from Hinton Blitz!
New Art now available from Hinton Blitz!

It was drawn by the ever wonderful artist Hinton Blitz and you should really check out their work! Great person, great artist… I could just go on about them for awhile!

…and you may just have more coming from them in the near future!

This week will be the first EMCSA update for awhile. The new story for the $5 tier of my Patreon will be the first part of Wired into the Grid, a story about a reporter digging into a car company’s underhanded dealings. My $10 tier is going to change, switching to only one week ahead, and will have part 2. My new $15 tier will have A Vampire’s Promise, a story about… as you may have guessed it?

A vampire!

Check out these stories and more on my Patreon.

Until next week?

Have a lovely New Years Eve, and let’s all have a GREAT 2022!

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