Happy Holidays, everyone!

Hello again, everyone!

This blog post is coming out a bit… a lot late, but this week ended up being a bit frantic for me.

I hope that you had a good time of it, however you spent it.

2022 is just around the corner, and so is the next release for To Serve and Obey.

I hope you’re all just as excited as I am!

While MCStories hasn’t been updating, my Patreon has… so please, by all means, check that out if you’re hungry for more erotic mind control content!

Until next time?

Take care of yourselves, and each other.

Silver Gray New Releases and A Very Long Week

Hello, everyone!

The latest in the Silver Girl series, Silver Gray Starlight, is now available! The penultimate section of To Patrol and Control, this story features the return of a fan favorite face we haven’t seen since The Argent Road…


Silver Gray Starlight is now available!
Silver Gray Starlight is now available!

Pick up your copy on Smashwords or Amazon today, and you’ll get to enjoy this gritty tale of mind control, sapphic lust, and heroism!

In another two weeks the final volume will drop, and it’s one you’re sure to remember.

If you’d like to see the cover now and see just what’s in store check it out on Amazon for pre-order, or add it to your library on Smashwords!

So that’s the new releases, why the long week?

Everyone in my apartment (myself included) has been dealing with Strep Throat! Constant coughing, wincing from sore throats, and a lot of people losing their voices. I’ve bee very busy trying to pick up the slack and make things easier for everyone, which is why this blog is so late.

But I’m not missing a week if I can help it, especially not a release week… it’s just a tiny bit late!

But it hasn’t just been a long week for me! Callidus, my partner in crime over on The Black Room podcast has a book available for you to buy with stuff you can’t read on MCStories or ROM! You can support their first major release, Compliance and Acquisition, while also getting to see deleted scenes!

Isn’t that a bargain?

Pick up a copy here on Amazon! It’s a great story, and Callidus deserves the support!

But I have more writing to do, so I’m going to cut this short.

Other things to note?

On my Patreon, my $5 supporters are getting part two of En Pointe, a tale of corruption and lust. My $10 supporters got to see that two weeks ago… and this week they’re seeing the second part of my latest super heroine romp, “The Adventures of Figura: To Change The World, Change Yourself” which is in many ways similar in feel to The Adventures of Silver Girl–and even takes place in the same world!

Support me there if you want more smut every week in mobi, epub, and pdf formats!

But for now, that’s me! Until next time, take care of yourselves… and each other!

New Desk, New Post!

Hello again, everyone!

This is my first blog post utilizing my new desk! I’m very happy about my new setup, and I expect it will help me get a lot of very productive things going in short order. That always makes me pretty happy.

Next week we’ll be seeing part 3 of To Patrol and Control drop, and that will be pretty great! It’s the first of the original stories from this part of the Silver Girl series, and I’m looking forward to that as I hope you are, too!

If you want to pre-order it on Amazon you can do so here, or add it to your library on Smashwords here!

While I finally have a desk and not a table (that’s also used for card games and meals!) I’m still settling in. Time is blurred, but it’s less a matter of the exact time, and more a lot of things coming up.

But don’t you worry, I have plenty of good smut coming your way!

In addition to next week’s Obedience over Matter, this weekend everyone on ROM or the EMCSA will get the finale of the Sex Ninjas. For people subscribed to the $10 tier or higher on my Patreon? You get a fun, sexy new story of corruption, naughtiness, and clothing fetishry. You can check out my Patreon here!

I have a lot more in store, and you’re all going to absolutely love what I have in mind!

But for now? Take care of yourselves, and each other.

On My Way!

Hello again, everyone!

If you’re a frequent reader then you know I’ve been preparing to make the big, exciting move to Boston! Today, well… that’s finally happen, and I’m off to fly through the air.

There’s a lot of big, exciting things coming up in the future… but I’ve been very busy packing, and trying to make things work out.

So this week, my main recommendation?

Take a look at my library for something you might want to read, check out my Patreon to see if you’d like to support me there…

and take care of yourselves, and each other!


Brand New Silver Girl, All Packed Up!

Hello, everyone!

I’m very excited to remind anyone unaware, or who missed it, that the first new Silver Girl series in the Complete Adventures has been released… Flash Friction!

Flash Friction, volume 1 of To Patrol and Control, available now!
Flash Friction, volume 1 of To Patrol and Control, available now!

Now available on both Smashwords, and Amazon!

And even more exciting news?

Next week’s story is ALSO brand new!

While the Adventures of Silver Girl was originally written from 2005-2007, spanning about 700,000 words give or take, this version has been dramatically refined for the 2018-2022 rerelease. While Dusty Origins was already a new story, it isn’t exactly a part of that series chronologically.

This week’s Flash Friction, and next week’s In Over Her Head? Those are as in continuity as it goes.

To whet anyone’s appetite for Flash Friction that doesn’t already want a copy? It was written largely because I felt it was unfortunate that Olivia and Valerie never had a chance to interact… and I set out to solve that.

Flash Friction?

That… is a surprise! You can read the description on Smashwords and add it to your library, or preorder it on Amazon!

And this weekend, we begin… sex ninjas on ROM/EMCSA! If you want to see more of it sooner, then drop me some dosh over on Patreon, and at 10$ or more, you’ll have a bunch of it dropping into your lap already!

As for anything else, well… I’m moving next week, so this week has been heavily devoted to packing.

That means I don’t have much more exciting to say, but I am pretty excited. Now you may say “Carin, why are you fully packed on the Thursday a week before you move?” and I would say “Because my anxiety demanded no less!”

So next blog will either be going up VERY early in the morning, or late at night… because I’m moving to Beantown!

That’s all for now from me! In the meantime, take care of yourselves and each other, and either join me over on Mind Control Literature, or my private server, The Madam Kistulot’s Domain, if you’d like to chat with myself or other fans of my writing!

Until next time!

Nearly Penultimate Penumbra

Hello, everyone!

I’m back down in Portland. I miss being in Seattle already, but it was always a short term thing. Heck, the apartment I was staying in? Currently being emptied out, so… not exactly what anyone would call viable for a longer term stay, as much as I really did love my time there and would have loved for it to last indefinitely.

It’s been very hot down here so far, and I’m adjusting to a lot of small things being different. i decided to clear out my old tech junk drawer, and I felt the need to share some of the funnier finds:

8 Generic PC power cables

9 VGA/DSUB/RGB cables

1 DVI Cable

At least 5 USB mini Cables, and about as many micro

3 USB to PS/2 adapters

7 AC Power Bricks with unknown purposes

2 very old USB Mice

2 Male-Male 3.5 mm cables

2 RCA to RCA cables

and 2 RCA/S Video to USB!

That’s a lot of tech no one really needs anymore that I was holding on to… out of worry that I’d need it some day and would not want to be without. Silly, huh?

So as you can imagine I’m doing a lot of, well… I could pretend it’s spring cleaning, but really, it’s getting rid of old things that I don’t need anymore and questionable if I ever did in the first place. I found a USB adapter for a form of USB I haven’t seen in the 10+ years I’ve owned it. That was at least in a pack that got plenty of use, so that wasn’t a completely wasted purchase.

This isn’t very writing focused for a post i realize, but I thought I’d show a bit of what’s on my mind as of late. I have a new release due for you all on next Tuesday. This Friday, my 10$ patrons are getting to read the first of a new three part story about a college girl coming home to get closer to her family, and on the EMCSA Saturday you’ll all get to take a look at part one of Award Winning Fuck Doll, a story about an actress. If you like reading in ebook formats instead of reading on ROM/the EMCSA, pledge $5/mo and you get to read everything wherever you want in your preferred format! It’s all here on my patreon!

If you’d like to chat with myself and other fans of my writing, you can find us on Discord at the Madam Kistulot’s Domain! Additionally, if you want to chat with other lovers of mind control, you can do so here in Mind Control Literature!

For now, that’s me! Next week, I’ll have much more to say as per usual, but for now…

Take care of yourselves… and each other!


Prequill drips onto the page!

Hello, everyone!

As you may already know? My latest release, the final story in the Ink Slick Preamble, is now available!

Prequill available now!
Prequill available now!

Pick up your copy on either Smashwords or Amazon!

Prequill is a very important story, finally giving us a better glimpse at Yana N Ritter than we’ve even seen in Blotted Lace, and well… I won’t spoil any more than the synopsis, but this story is very revealing.

I hope you all enjoy.

The process of rewriting, and rereleasing Silver Girl with the polish and effort it always deserved has been very rewarding, and that may be best exemplified by this series. I’ve always adored the inky tales most of all, which never denigrates the others, and seeing them like this has been immensely gratifying. The response has been as thrilling this time as it was the first.

Do you know I was actually incredibly self conscious that no one else would find ink compelling as a mind control method?

In other news, ROM and the EMCSA are going to get another fun superhero story this weekend, and I recommend keeping your eyes peeled!

If you want to know more, and see things in advance? Consider supporting my Patreon!

I’ve been reading a lot of Iago lately on the EMCSA, so expect some thoughts about those stories here soon enough! But for now?

Take care of yourselves, and each other!

Visiting Doctor Raine with Ink Bot

Hello everyone!

To start things off, the penultimate section of the Ink Slick Preamble is available now! We look back towards Valerie Raine to see just what’s become of her… and what’s going to happen next.

Ink Bot - available now!
Ink Bot – available now!

You can pick up a copy on Smashwords, or Amazon!

So we only have one last story left before the next novel begins… and that story? Want a peek at what it’ll be?

Preorder on Amazon, or add it to your list on Smashwords! (It makes no sense that Smash lacks real preorders, but I could rant about that for years)

As for other doctor-related shenanigans… I got my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine! It stung a bit, but as a woman terrified of needles it honestly wasn’t so bad. I’m not looking forward to the side effects that supposedly kick in tomorrow, but honestly? It’s nothing compared to the alternatives so I’m very happy to be part of the effort to keep as many people safe as possible.

My second dose is scheduled in another 21 days, and I am looking forward to it all being done with. This pandemic is NOT over, and it’s important for all of us to do our best to contribute to keeping things safe for people who are in risk groups and cannot take the vaccine.

There’s antivaxxers, and I don’t respect or support them, but some people genuinely have health complications that preclude the possibility of these vaccines. They aren’t being selfish. They don’t deserve to suffer. Please, for all of these people: get vaccines, mask up, and stay away from others as much as is possible.

I want all of us who can to get through this.

My Patreon side of things continues to move right along, too! Last week the end of up a story about a super heroine who fell under the control of a powerful villain breaking free was posted on ROM and the EMCSA, so you can check those out, and if you enjoy them? Support me on Patreon, where this week a story about another heroine in a particularly bad financial situation is going to have a bit of a fun time!

But that’s all for me for now! Take care of yourselves, each other, and I’ll post again next week!

Silver Girl’s Anniversary Continues!

Hello, everyone!

This month has continued to be pretty great for Silver Girl’s 15th anniversary! Before I share some of that, I’d like to start out by linking to the latest volume of The Argentum Project., the latest in the series’ rerelease!

The Argentum Project Volume 5: Familiar Settings & White Panties
The Argentum Project Volume 5: Familiar Settings & White Panties

Available on Kindle, and on Smashwords, check it out now!

But on to other things! Two very kind fans commissioned some surprise artwork! One of them was Modren a writer I rather enjoy myself, who commissioned this classic picture of the heroine!

Silver Girl drawn by @SadSimpli
Silver Girl drawn by @SadSimpli

I think this does a lovely job of showing off her monochromatic look, her powers… she just looks all kinds of adorable here, doesn’t she?

If you want a bit more than that, there are some more pictures I have yet to put up on my website, including a very sexy picture of Pink? You can check out the Silver Girl Subreddit! I didn’t start it up, but hey, it’s full of lots of good stuff, so give it a glance!

As for more thoughts on Silver Girl to go with this week? When I began writing Silver Girl, I’d always wanted to write novels, big, long, dramatic novels full of intrigue and action and drama. Silver Girl was the first time I really felt like I was on the right track, making something that really worked. It wasn’t the first novel draft I ever completed, but it was the first that didn’t feel like it had any random, weird problems.

Silver Girl has always been a series about exploring fetishes, and exploring the journey of mind control. Characters are mentally manipulated all the time, but it isn’t every story in the genre that really follows the long term effects, the way that a character would adapt and shift and grow. Most mind control stories end with the principle characters pretty thoroughly fucked in a way that doesn’t allow for much follow-up, but I didn’t want Silver Girl to end after just one volume.

More than once people wanted Silver to stay with a certain owner, or in a certain situation. That always felt fair enough to me, but also like it somewhat missed the point. I’ve always tried my best to fully indulge a sequence. This is something I feel much better at now than I was when I started, but it’s always been the goal. When Sarah moves on to the next situation, it’s because from where she started, there’s nowhere else to take it that isn’t redundant.

That isn’t to say there isn’t a way to revisit the same characters, or the same ideas… just that for Sarah, any more with that owner would be more of the same. That doesn’t mean it would be bad, but it means those sections are still there, ready to be read again, and again.

More recently I’ve been taking commissions that explore some of these ideas from a new angle. For example, if you want more Mind Bore? Check out Rewired over on the EMCSA! A story featuring a Chronos favorite will be uploaded there soon, and even sooner on my Patreon if you’d like to see it sooner.

For now, that’s me! I have a lot of writing to do! I hope you’ll be back again next week!

Take care of yourselves… and each other!

Nearly Fifteen Years of Silver Girl!

Hello, everyone!

Times are stressful all around, but you’re getting that enough from every other direction. My stance on current events is pretty well known, I’d like to hope. If not, check my twitter, it makes things exceedingly clear.

But November is always an exciting time of year for me, because fifteen years ago, in 2005, November is when I first published Silver Girl to MC Stories! Before going into that any further, I’m going to drop a link to the latest story in the series, the fourth volume of The Argentum Project!

The Argentum Project Volume 4: See No Evil
The Argentum Project: See No Evil

Out now on Amazon and Smashwords, pick up a copy today to see where Patina’s adventures take her next!

But back to Silver Girl’s history a tiny bit. It isn’t too widely known, but the first place Silver Girl was published was actually on Deviant Art of all places! Back in the early 2000’s I used to put the occasional bit of fiction up there and was involved with a corner of the MC community there. It wasn’t very large at the time, and it was much more focused on images, but there were a few of us pervs hanging out, making things deviant.

That was where I met Angie, the woman who originally created Pandora. She was always just on loan to me, but I appreciated the opportunity to help there be more of a character I really enjoyed. Through roleplay, Pandora and Silver Girl got up to all sorts of shenanigans back in the day. It was a lot of fun!

While Silver Girl was first on Deviant Art, putting text there was a simple matter of copying over rich text, without any special spacing between paragraphs. This meant when I brought things over to the EMCSA and took it down from Silver Girl, I missed… a “few” paragraph breaks, at time making dialogue a mess.

It really surprises me sometimes, looking back, that Silver Girl ever caught on to be the strange little thing it is!

Three Silver Girl books began their life as roleplaying transcripts that were enhanced, twisted, tangled together… and the first drafts of these often had very clear breaks between the players involved. These rewrites have in part been to smooth that jarring aspect, as well as enhance how many times a scene was originally written far more bare bones.

Before I began work on this project, I’d always said I wouldn’t “George Lucas” these stories. They were loved, after all, and changing them too much might make that magic go away.

Over time, I’ve come to realize there’s a big difference between one man taking a collaborative art project and making it fit his vision, and a woman who wrote a story between the ages of 18 and 20 trying to make it not so rough. I’ve kept to the notion of never altering the sequence of events through removing content, or adding contradictory content. It could be argued that adjusting Sarah’s attitudes here or there to be less backwards might change some things, but it’s impossible to not write things from an adult perspective and realize how backwards some things I thought really were. These things have had to change, but the story itself remains the same, if, in my opinion, doing a better job of living up to its potential.

So far all of the feedback I’ve gotten for this project has been immensely positive, and it’s been making me really happy! I’ve been working really hard so that this time next year? We’ll be able to look back, see all of the original Silver Girl series published in a new format, all of it be available in paperback… and then we get to see new stories told!

Through the rest of this month I’ll probably be waxing nostalgic about this series here, so I hope you continue to enjoy these little drifts back into the process of getting from The Adventures back in 2005 to The Argentum Project’s re-release now in 2020!

Take care of yourselves and each other, and happy reading!