Chains and Illusions of the Red Moon

Hello again, everyone!

It’s this time of the week, so you know what that means: another blog, and since there was no epub release last week?

Volume 2 of Red Moon Rising, Old Illusions and New Chains is available now!

Red Moon Rising Volume 2: Old Illusions and New Chains is available now!
Red Moon Rising Volume 2: Old Illusions and New Chains is available now!

Pick up your copy today on Smashwords, or Amazon!

If you’d like to preorder Volume 3: Witchy Secrets and Frosted Gold? Head over to Amazon!

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Every new volume of Red Moon Rising has a lot of very fun, very sexy things for you to enjoy. I don’t want to spoil too much here, or anything really, but the deeper we go into RMR, the more we see of the most enigmatic of Sarah’s foes–the Nesatealia themselves.

This is a really sexy story, in my not so humble opinion, so I hope that you enjoy!

But as usual, that’s not my only new piece of writing coming out this week! From Patreon we have some really hot new stuff! This week’s $5 story is the first part of The Cat That Got the Cream! As mentioned before, this story is about a mature, experienced heroine who is just so overworked, so exhausted, who really could do with some time off, with a break…

And she’ll be getting some help!

The $10 tier gets the second two chapters, and the $15 tier gets to see how it ends! So if you want to read the whole thing this week? Drop a good fifteen bucks, and you will!

After this post I’ll be typing up a post for my weekly Patreon blog, too, so join up for sure if you want to seeĀ  what I’ve been writing lately!

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Also, I recently commissioned a comic and you can find out more over on my website! The art section, or the updates section will have all you could need.

Also, have I mentioned Creirwy yet? They’ve been a friend of mine for awhile–longtime fan of my writing too–and they’re the first writer in the MCSphere that really gave me the feeling of someone inspired by my style in that way where I feel like you can really see it. Other big name authors like Callie have read plenty of my stuff, but their styles feel far divergent.

Creirwy may not write exactly like me (no one can!) but I think if you like my work, you owe it to yourself to check out theirs.

Comment, snap, etc!

So, what else do I have to say? I think for now I’ll just leave off on a reminder that I have a Discord server. I’m active there, and if you want to join in and chat with myself and other fans of my writing? Stop by!

You are more than welcome.

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Take care of yourselves, and each other!