Final Preparations: Complete!

Hello again, everyone!

Did you know that Red Moon Rising Volume 9: Final Preparations is now available? It is, and you can grab it up now!

Red Moon Rising Volume 9: Final Preparations is available now!
Red Moon Rising Volume 9: Final Preparations is available now!

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I hope you’re all excited for Volume 10: Crimson Confrontation! To make sure you don’t miss out?

Add it to your library on Smashwords, preorder on Amazon, or of course, my Patreon is an option!

So, what’s going on from me this week besides that? Tomorrow, my $5 patrons get to read the conclusion of Becoming Dorothy and learn just how Bronwen’s dolly becomes! My $10 patrons get to read the first section of Tender Loving Control, my exciting new series about a woman named Claire learning about herself, her family, and well… you’ll need to read to find out! My $15 patrons get to read part two, to know so much more about Claire’s fate.

Also, this week I have a couple of recommendations!

If you haven’t been reading A Goddess’s Replacement by Lamia then you really should! Similarly, Kallie’s Shackles is a delight, another great story exploring a comic book setting.

I am sincerely so excited that Red Moon Rising is nearing its conclusion. Thank you, all of you, for your support. I cannot thank you enough for helping make my dream of so many people reading and enjoying my work a reality!

Don’t forget you can join us on the Madam Kistulot’s Domain discord to chat with myself and others! You’ll also hear about new releases when they go alive, with optional pings!

For now, though?

That’s me!

Until next time… take care of yourselves, and each other!