The Red Moon… will it Rise, or will it Set?!

Hello again, everyone!

This blog post is a bit late, but still well within variances. I used to be three hours later some weeks, so…

Yeah, no excuse, sorry about that!

I’ve been taking some time lately to read my way through some of my manga backlog, to play more games, to just… sink my teeth in, and there’s a lot of great things out there!

If you haven’t seen The Batman, I recommend it as the Batman movie with the best actual plot arc. It’s good, and not just needlessly miserable–if you ask me, at any rate. I read through some yuri anthologies, and I can’t recommend just looking for a manga that sounds fun to you and tearing through it. My recommendation? Semelparous by Ogino Jun. Sincerely. Grab a copy today, of all three volumes!

But sincerely, this Tuesday is a big deal!

The biggest of deals!

This Tuesday, Red Moon Rising Volume 10 drops… and we’ll finally see the final conclusion of Silver Girl’s arc that began in The Adventures of Silver Girl!

You will NOT want to miss out!

To make sure you get to read it the moment it drops?

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Tuesday finally will fulfill the goal I set out to achieve back in 2018… it’s so exciting! Don’t miss it!

What else is coming from me soon?

My patrons, at the $5, $10, and $15 dollar tiers… finally get to start reading Tender Loving Control, a series I’ve been waiting for people to see for a long time! It’s long, exciting, and explores some remarkable places. It was inspired by some of Tabico’s best work, anime, some EyeofSerpent…

It’s a lot of things! I can’t hype it up enough, so make sure not to miss it! For now, though? that’s me!

Look out for more great things coming soon!

Until next week?

Take care of yourselves, and each other!

Summer is Coming Soon, and That Means Mind Control!

Hello again, everyone!

I hope that you’re all doing well! 🙂

Life in my corner of the world is relatively calm at the moment. Most of my focus as of late has been on my writing and hanging out with my friends and family. We’re nearly at the start of summer which isn’t a time with a lot going on… well, besides graduation, I guess!

I imagine a lot of people are very excited about school being over for the year soon enough–or already. I hope if that’s the case, you have a great time on the off season.

Talk of schools when on the topic of Mind Control reminds me of trilby’s amazing Legacy, Modren’s Trigger-Happy Girl Hunt, Tabico’s Sweet Oil, A. Regina Cantatis’s Willing Subject,  and I’m sure there are plenty more that aren’t coming to mind for me. If you want a story that suits the end of a school year, then my story Strapped would fit the bill!

Next week will be more of Ink Soaked Penumbra, but I have been working on stories outside of the Midas City universe. Which? Well, they aren’t coming for awhile, but I give a hint and just say “panties.” It won’t be for awhile, but I know a lot of people have been very excited to se more.

This weekend on ROM/the EMCSA I’ll be releasing a story named Meritocramancy, a story about magic and curses. On my Patreon, people will have a chance to see Jade from Silver Eclipse in an all new tale. If you’d like to learn more? Check out my patreon!

Also, if you’d like to chat with myself, and other fans of my writing, check out The Madam Kistulot’s Domain discord, or Mind Control Literature for a more general discord server.

Don’t forget that Conversion, A Completely Consensual Makeover, and Rewind are all on sale for 25% off before the end of the month!

For now, that’s all, but I hope you’ll be back next week!

Until then? Take care of yourselves and each other!