Take All The Pennies You Like

Hello again, everyone!

I’m so excited for the second Volume of Red Moon Rising to drop, and I  hope you are, too!

RMR is one of my favorite books in the series, and it seems like everyone is enjoying it so far. The rewrite was the easiest of the original ten… namely because by then I had an editor, and I was getting a lot more feedback a lot more regularly. I think it was a good time for me all around.

But while you still need to wait for Tuesday to get your hands on Volume 2…

This weekend still has some erotic treats to grant!

Over on my Patreon, tomorrow my $5 patrons will get to read the second half of “Give a Penny, Take a Penny” and see what Punchup’s fate will be! My $10 patrons will get a sneak peek of The Cat that Got the Cream, a story about a milfy super heroine who is just so over worked lately. My $15 patrons will get to read part two before part one is even released!

To learn more, check out my Patreon and see just how much hot mind control fiction you can get before anyone else!

If you’d like to chat with myself and other fans of my writing? Don’t forget to join the Madam Kistulot’s Domain Discord!

But while this might not be the most exciting post… know that new art is going up on my website on Tuesday, along with a new release!

Exciting, huh?

There’s so much good still to come for this year… and in fact, I’m about to head over to Patreon to write their weekly blog where I tell them just what I’ve been up to.

Care to join me?

Until next time, take care of yourselves… and each other!