The Return of Eye?

Hello everyone!

Just a bit of a heads up but… hey have you been reading EyeofSerpent after @callidus-mc​ and I talked about  their writing?

If not, check out their writing here: On EyeofSerpent’s website… and check out our podcasts here on Callidus’s website!

However, amidst this I contacted Eye to let them know what I thought of their writing… and it’s been pretty great! After this, Eye signed on to The Garden of MC and well, I don’t know if they’ve written in the time since their last story went up in 2005… but they have new writing now!

Check it out here over on the Garden of MC! 🙂

It’s name is By Another Name, and I loved it… so I hope you will to, log in, and let Eye know what you think!

Until then, take care of yourselves, and each other!

Welcome to the Reborn Kistublot!

Hello, everyone!

So, I’d been trying out tumblr as a blogging solution–they do call them blogs!–but I’ve found it just really doesn’t do what I want it to do in a million different ways. For one, well, tumblr serves a lot better as a platform to place things than interact on, so the comment feature of WordPress will flow a lot better I imagine, not to mention if you want to catch it I don’t need to worry so much about not posting other things or the like!

So, let’s get started on the blog proper! It’s been tradition to get these going with some flash fiction, so let’s do that shall we?


Plenty Of Fish

“There are plenty of fish in the sea, I know.” Jennifer sighed as her friend Laura gave her a tighter hug. “I really need to try working harder on getting past this.”

Laura soothingly squeezed Jennifer a little tighter before she smiled as the needle went into Jennifer. There were plenty, but Mistress wanted Jennifer.


So, I hope that you enjoyed that! To get other little bite sized bits of microfiction, I suggest dropping by the Garden of MC, and checking out the 55 word fiction thread, or my garden library located in my signature.

That said, I’m not just here to talk about that! If you’ve been reading my blogging for long you know I may adore Tabico’s writing. Just a scoshe? So it should be no surprise that I enjoyed Mind Worms the last time I read through it. It’s an earlier work, but still has some fun ideas–including use of Hypnosis to facilitate other Mind Control. I don’t feel that’s much of a spoiler for it. While the original story is definitely worth a read? Draphy has, over on Deviant Art, made Mind Worms into a comic! It’s a very good effort to transfer the story to the visual medium. I recommend checking it out. Tabico gave her permission, so why not?

This week I won’t have a new story on the archive, because no one will! A shame, right? Fortunately for you, however? For everyone over at My Patreon a whopping 11k of flash fiction will be going up! I took care of everyone’s flash fiction rewards early to make sure that there would be something from me this week.

Additionally, next week’s story, You, But Kinkier is already up on my patreon, so, consider dropping by there for that too. It’s just $1 a month to get updates a full week ahead!

I’ve received major edits back now on a special project that if I can get to work editing, and settle on a cover, I will hopefully be able to announce next week here on the blot! It’ll be going up on Amazon and Smashwords. I hope that people will be looking forward to it!

In other thoughts, returning to Midas City for In A Flash was really satisfying–as has been the response! If you haven’t met the latest maiden of justice to grace the streets of Midas you’re doing yourself a disservice! As a bit of a sneak peek? There may be more of that in the future already drafted, edited, and ready to go.

I actually have a backlog these days instead of struggling to meet my obligations! Isn’t that crazy? For me, anyway. I have a lot fewer things to worry about than some people (poor Tabico missed another Tuesday Tabenings–go over to her blog and give her some encouragement!) like avoiding spawning or other forms of reproduction, and I may have very intentionally spent January and February giving myself a backlog so my return would have less of a chance to backfire. Not everyone has that sort of luxury.

Is there anything else worth noting at the moment? Oh yes! Rotem Dishon has made a return to making delicious mind control art, and I really think that if you’re not crazy you’ll jump on it right away. Where? Same as ever, over on his Deviant Art! That was actually where The Adventures of Silver Girl were first posted if you didn’t know that!

If there’s anything you’re curious about, would like me to discuss here… please let me know! I’ve been working to finish off my deep dive of Eye‘s writing, and it has come to my attention that some people would like to see what I have to say about the deep dives I’ve done of various MC Authors over the years. So far it’s just been trilby else, Tabico, and now Eye. I’ve kept extensive notes in an attempt to get to the bottom of what both I love about their work, and what makes them just such great writers. How else to learn than to look at those who were successful before you? It’s something I’ve always been very interested in. So, I may begin finding a way to write some MC Fiction Nonfiction… to discuss some of the greats. After Eye I really need to start through Iago’s work, a writer I’ve admired for a long time but never completely devoured their work.

I think that’s really all there is for now, but from now on, you’ll find updates here on Thursdays!

…unless I get cheeky one day and switch to Tuesdays just to playfully rib Tabico 🙂

Until next time, take care of yourselves and eachother!