The Return of Eye?

Hello everyone!

Just a bit of a heads up but… hey have you been reading EyeofSerpent after @callidus-mc​ and I talked about  their writing?

If not, check out their writing here: On EyeofSerpent’s website… and check out our podcasts here on Callidus’s website!

However, amidst this I contacted Eye to let them know what I thought of their writing… and it’s been pretty great! After this, Eye signed on to The Garden of MC and well, I don’t know if they’ve written in the time since their last story went up in 2005… but they have new writing now!

Check it out here over on the Garden of MC! 🙂

It’s name is By Another Name, and I loved it… so I hope you will to, log in, and let Eye know what you think!

Until then, take care of yourselves, and each other!

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