Trained, Contract Negotiations, and a great deal!

Hello everyone!

No flash fiction today, but it’s also an early blog post so hopefully you’ll forgive me!

Today, my third Amazon book is released! This is my first in a more… standard style for me, I suppose you could say. It’s much darker, much less consensual, and has all of the things that I’d like to hope people expect in a Madam Kistulot story. It also may be just dripping with raw, lewd, brainwashing fun.

This week’s release… is Trained!

Holly wakes up on a train full of other professionally dressed women. She doesn’t remember how she got there. She doesn’t know where the train is going. She quickly discovers that she’s been chosen to be trained to be someone’s slave, and it may already be too late for her to even try to resist…

Trained Cover

Get a copy of Trained on Amazon today!

If you prefer Smashwords, then get it here!

Speaking of some nice stories that you might enjoy, that you can find on amazon? A. Regina Cantatis, better known to many of us as the MCStories author thrall, has a really impressive deal going on right now! Buy one, email her about it, and get another one of your choice sent to you for free! That’s a pretty great deal no matter how you shake it! This is going on through the end of the month, so if any of her stories appeal, check it out!

Why do I know about this but you don’t? I check her blog all the time, and find all sorts of neat, fun information! You can find that here: thrall’s blogspot.

And one final update for the moment? This week, MCStories is getting a new tale from me–specifically, one called…

Contract Negotiations [mc, ff]

Tara and Lindsey discuss the nature of their relationship, and the boundaries they’ve set to make sure both of them stay happy.

It’s a fun story that I think you’ll all enjoy, a lot.  My patreon supporters have already read it. Join their number and you can read it now, too!

So, please consider nabbing a copy of Trained, and spreading the word! I’m trying to ramp up my production/release schedule, and every little bit of financial encouragement helps! So does the regular kind, but I’d hope that would be obvious!

So thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy!

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