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Hello again, everyone!

It’s been a very eventful week for me. Hopefully if it has for you it’s only been eventful in positive ways. Recovering from dental surgery has been a far more arduous task than I originally envisioned, but for the most part everything’s just been up and up and up. I’d probably be more positive about my current state if I still had some Percocet lying around, but I’m making due without it more-or-less.

That said, I did finally get around to reading a story I should have read *years* ago… because it was released in 2014 by one of my favorite writers in the MC genre. Plus the title could be said to shamelessly pandering at me.

And that’s before a character has the nickname of “MK”.

What story do I mean? Why of course naturally I mean A. Regina Cantatis’s (known to you familiar with the MCStories Archive as thrall) Union, Reunion: A Tale of Mind-Controlled MILFs

Union, Reunion, A Tale of Mind Controlled Milfs

As I said, this is a story I should have looked at sooner because it is incredibly delicious, and hits on so many of the reasons why Ms. Cantatis is known for writing such hot lesbian fetish smut.

It’s got all of the best stuff she’s known for. Sexy mind control? Check. Transformation? Check. A character who kinda wants it but is also at least vaguely sensible but not enough to escape? Check check check. Also a character that shares a nickname with me who is DOWNRIGHT ADORABLE.

If you enjoy mind control, it’s literally a dollar on kindle. Grab it, read it, review it! You will not regret it, and if you do, uhm… well, I’ll be shocked!

Thankfully if I can get a cover cobbled together I may have a release next week! My editrix has been continuing to work her butt off while I’m recovering, and that’s good for everyone! Seriously, thank Kia that I ever get anything in readable shape at all anymore.

And you can thank her, and talk with lots of cool people, over on the Mind Control Literature discord, here!

For now, I think that’s me. Hopefully next week will have a sexy new release, and I can get back to business as usual! Until then?

Take care of yourselves, and each other.

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