Ink Blots and more!

Hello, everyone!

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful March so far! The first release of the month is now available, and it’s one of my favorite stories in the series. I could probably say that about most of them, but this one hits in a certain way I really adore.

Ink Blots - Available Now!
Ink Blots – Available Now!

As per usual this is available on Smashwords and Amazon! So far all of the reviews over on my discord server have been glowing, so if you’ve been enjoying the series so far this should be another enjoyable read!

The preambles are getting deeper into the slick, wet sea of ink, and goodness… I have so much I can’t wait to share with all of you!

Lately I’ve also had a strong itch to go back and reread some older stories. Plenty of good writing is coming out all the time so this is not me saying anything to the contrary, but sometimes a gal feels an itch for the stories and writers that inspired her, and sometimes they really hold up!

It continually makes me sad that trilby else is no longer in the community. When he was I was a little too young to fully appreciate the depth of his work (his last new story was now posted nearly 13 years ago!) but going back to it now there’s so much there to enjoy.

Lately I’ve been drawn back to Leasehold, a classic story that emphasizes part of what makes me the most sad–so many stories aren’t finished. Leasehold is only one of many, and while it has an early alternate ending… the story that continues? It just… doesn’t have an ending.

Is it sexy? Ohhh yes. Full of brainwashing, twisted mind fuckery, just… so much good. It will forever be sad it never finishes, but it’s still worth the read.

Are there any old stories you love to go back to?
Any new classics you’re already looking forward to reading again?

Stop by my discord server and tell me!

But for now, that’s all for me! Until next week?

Take care of yourselves.. and each other!

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