Big Life Changes

Hello everyone!

I haven’t blogged lately, and that’s bad on my part. Sorry. Last month was incredibly exhausting–we’re moving soon it turns out! It was up in the air for the whole month, and I was fighting with this or that to make things fall into place… and now, well, we own a house! I’m on the deed of a house. Sadly we can’t move in until the 15th, but also we don’t need to rush to move in before the 15th, so that’s good, too.

Amusingly we literally moved from one side of Portland to the other, which makes the drive exceedingly long and frustrating. Every time we need to check something out, fix up some little thing, etc… ugh. And there is a lot more to do in the time up to the move.

Unfortunately this means that last month, and this month, have been and likely to some degree, will be, junk for my productivity. So much needs to be packed, taken care of, changed around… you can imagine! It’s important, and in the long run will lead to a situation much more apt to help me write a lot more, but for now… blech!

That said, I’ve also made some changes to my online presence. MC Stories is a site I care about immensely–more than I can put into words… but it’s not making me money and buying a house is expensive. House payments, HOA dues, utilities, movers… I’m going to be in a money crunch, and sadly, Patreon as it is alone isn’t cutting it as supplementary to my amazon presence.

As a result, I’ve removed all but the stories leading up to, and including, In Another Life from MCStories and the web except where one can buy them. It’s not the option that I wanted to take, but at this point it seems that I really need to focus on the ebook market over hoping I can get my Patreon to grow to the degree I want it to.

Feel free to let me know what you think of these changes, but know that I still fully intend to finish In Another Life on the EMCSA. It’s actually already written–but it’s a rather long story, so releasing it serially works much better for the site.

Apologies if you’ve reached out to me, I’ve been either busy or recuperating form being busy. Hopefully soon things will settle down.

In other news? I recently came across a lovely series on Amazon I’ve fallen in love with. The series is by Mia Archer, and I want to make a post just about that soon–but I didn’t want it overshadowed by my personal announcements.

Long story short: I’m moving so until probably the 20th my life is a bit up in the air. My apologies. Hopefully things will sort out sooner. I’ll try to get better at this, too.

Until next time, take care of yourselves and eachother.

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