A Productive Week

Hello everyone!

I hope that you’re all as excited for October as I am. Halloween, or Gay Christmas (I’d prefer Queer Christmas myself, more inherently inclusive a term in my experience) is probably the best holiday of the year. I can be a bit of a sucker for the cool winter cuddle holidays, but Halloween is all about wearing a mask to express things more loudly than you could with your face exposed.

Who doesn’t love powerful imagery like that?

Think of it for a moment: how can you chose a costume without revealing that you wanted to wear it, or if you settled for it, that you’re desperate for validation and to be a part of the holiday that you’ll settle for any costume? There’s a lot of potent revelations about people if you look at how they cloak themselves when they can chose anything, when there are so few limitations…

I like to wear a cloak, or other variations on a cape. That probably says a lot about me. For one, that I like capes.

Bad humor aside, this week started the release of my Halloween anthology, Halloween Screams: Tales of Sapphic Treats. It has three volumes that will be released this year though who knows, I might try for a fourth. Next week is going to see the release of another flash fiction collection though, and that promises to be interesting.

In the meantime… I’ve been burning the midnight oil, and the wick from both ends. On what, praytell? Why, Silver Girl is all but ready to go to print, scheduled for a November 6th release… so I’m already burning ahead. Silver Eclipse is already first-pass revised up through chapter 10 of 17. The process for this is to go from start to finish, revising, tearing through… Then work on another project or three, then come back and do the same again, and then finally have my editors look over for anything that I’ve missed. They were truly invaluable in helping with The Adventures of Silver Girl, and I’m sure they will be with Silver Eclipse, too.

Have you come across any delicious mind control tidbits lately? Have any stories that have caught your eye, movies that strike your fancy, etc?

Reach out, let me know! I’m always looking for something new and delightful!

For now, I think that’s all from me. I’ve been a bit deep in my own work but I wanted to peek my head out. As reminder, I have a Patreon campaign going. Once a month it gets a story no one gets for at least a month without being a subscriber, I write flash fiction for everyone who pays $5 or more, and there’s opportunities to commission a whole story from me if you have something 5-10k you’d like to see! You can check my patreon out here for more details!

I’ll be back next week? But in the meantime… Take care of yourselves, and each other!

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