The Ides of March!

Hello again, everyone!

That subject line sure was dramatic, huh?

Technically, it is true. This is that time of the year that people think of for two things. Shamrock shakes, and the historical stabbing of powerful Romans.

Hopefully the year is treating all of you well so far! Some things are going slower than I should like for a lot of my projects, and that’s not great, but the important thing right now in terms of my writing,  is that I’ve been able to achieve consistency with Pure Feelings from Impure Places.

It hasn’t been nearly as many words as I’ve liked to get out every week, but I’m on track to keep this story going even if I have a week or two where inspiration, time, health, etc, fail me.

So that’s encouraging!

No news on the release date for my next epublishing work, but if you’d like to read more fun smut and support me in the process?

Please consider checking out my Patreon!

Take care of yourselves, and each other.

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