To Serve and Recover

Hello, everyone!

It’s my birthday in two days! February 19th is a number I’ve always liked, and I share the birthday with some other great people. I hope all of you who share it have great days, too!

I can barely believe how far my journey as a part of the erotic mind control community has come. I started out my journey as Madam Kistulot back in 2005, and now, in 2022, I’ve written millions more words, met so many people, experienced so many amazing, exciting moments… and it’s been thanks to all of my fans.

Sincerely, I spent so many years trying to write very bland, very vanilla fantasy, and I wouldn’t say it was a waste… but I definitely didn’t write much worth remembering. Some of those characters have been repurposed and repackaged, but the writing itself always went nowhere.

Now I’ve found my voice, and I could theoretically even write outside of the genre. Some day I should probably try again just for my own sake, but I don’t want to, and I don’t think that I ever will entirely abandon mind control.

It’s just too much fun.

Speaking of fun! This weekend I’m going to begin releasing a series of stories that I selfishly wrote very much for me. Fantasy to Reality is the name, though I kinda want to write more stories with that title in the future, more subtitles, but… It may be the most self indulgent story I’ve ever written. If anyone else enjoys it, it’ll entirely be a perk to me.

But I loved writing it.

That’s going to hit for my $5 patrons tomorrow! $10 patrons get to see how it ends… and my $15 patrons? You get to read a single, standalone tale, “Ongoing Education” about a teacher and a student with a very inappropriate relationship!

To learn more, check out my Patreon!

So, that’s nearly all… but!

This weekend I’ll have a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT on my discord! Only people who are there will get to see, so…

Join up!

I’m planning to switch to Tuesdays next month, but that shouldn’t be so bad.

Until next time?

Take care of yourselves, and each other!

Oh, and if you want to buy me a last minute gift? You do so here!

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