Back in the Saddle (of Regular Updates) again!

Good evening, everyone!

Sorry for doing this so late. I know I usually post these early, but at least I’m in the habit of posting them again! Hopefully that can count for something, even if not the most.

Tuesday is going to see a release of a flash compilation–the first of a few planned compilations. I don’t have a solid name yet, but I have feelings and thoughts and… well, a lot of flash fiction. It turns out that I’ve written a lot of it over the years? And I want to share it with a much wider audience. I want to write more of it. I want to make… more. For everyone. For all of you. So let’s see if I can’t do that!

Rotem Dishon, an AMAZING artist (this text is a link to his deviantArt, click here!), has granted me permission to use one of his amazing illustrations as a cover for the re-release of Delivery. I’m looking forward to polishing it, and releasing it. Keep your eyes peeled here for more information, as I will be more than happy to keep you all apprised. I’m debating a print run. Is that something that anyone would want? I’ll be honest… I do? And that might be enough.

I haven’t been reading nearly enough lately, and I want to fix that… and I think that I’m going to start with some of A Regina Cantatis‘s offerings up on Amazon. She’s better known as thrall to those who frequented the EMCSA back in the day, but I really have been meaning to reread Willing Subject. Look forward to me sharing my thoughts here.

One of my traditions is a weekly watching of films with my friends and family. This weekend I watched “The Guyver” which “starred” Mark Hamil. It doesn’t have any of what I would call mind control exactly, but it did end up with Mark Hamil in a tube being converted into an insectoid monstrosity. Maybe if the process had been allowed to continue it would have been MC. Hard to say. I recommend checking it out if you’re a fan of the Reanimator series, From Beyond, or any similar horror films… and Tokusatsu. That’s a weird combination, but trust me when I say it felt like From Beyond meets Kamen Rider.

The second was Godzilla: Final Wars. To not spoil anything for a 14 year old movie, it’s about a future with giant monsters around, but Godzilla is frozen at the south pole and life is pretty good for the moment… we even have mutants showing up who possess super powers and are good at fighting! Spoilers start here, but I recommend watching it if you like kaiju films–it actually has a decent human side.

Later its revealed the mutants are actually decedents of an alien invasion that seeded earth with Humanity–to use as cattle. Those who have the ‘m’ gene (the mutants) are able to be controlled by the aliens and our hero is forced to fight an old… sort of… rival…? Honestly it’s still a kaiju film, and it cares more about hitting tropes than telling a good story… but I do recommend it in its own silly little way. It’s not deep, but it’s got some heart, and that’s a lot in my book.

Plus it shows what happens when Godzilla from the 2000’s series of films meets the American Godzilla. Not a pretty sight.

I think that’s me for now. I want to catch up on some Hypnotic Harlequin, reread some old classics… and have more to talk about for next week! For now, be sure to not miss out on the third part of the Honeypot saga–and have a wonderful day.

Take care of yourselves, and eachother.

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