Delivery is coming to Amazon, and some recommended reading!

Hello everyone! I hope that you’ve been well and having a good time getting up to no good in all the most fun ways.

Sadly my plans for this week ended up being shoved around by life circumstances. I hope to get around to my planned rereads next week. I really could use some relaxing time curled around my kindle while reading some good classic smut, and it doesn’t get much more classic to me than the works of A. Regina Cantatis.

Speaking of classics? My send up of the unforgettable trilby else will be going up on Amazon soon! Written after a long binge on all of trilby’s works, this story is very much a love letter to all of the wonderful twisted, serial recruiting, unflinching glances that the amazing writer gave to sapphic mind control.

In honor of that? I feel the need to suggest some reading if you haven’t gotten around to it…! This list is not the only good listing of trilby stories. All of them are worth reading even if I don’t like two of them at all and find a couple of others lacking here or there. That’s pretty good for over fifty stories if you ask me!

Amateur Night: This is a dark comedy in all the best ways. It’s snarky, it looks at some traditional mf md tropes and kinda snickers. It’s full of clever little bits, and I really don’t want to spoil anything. Read it. You’ll enjoy it.

Watering Hole: The Oasis Center is a really great setting. A place where victims of mc go to find support from fellow survivors? It’s a trilby story, and even though it’s from 2000 it still understands so much about the genre and explores it in such twisted, fun, sexy ways… and sets up for a fair few stories set in the same universe. If you’ve somehow missed out on it? Now’s your chance to fix that.

Goldilocks: cowritten with thrall, aka A Regina Cantatis, this story is basically an intergalactic thief hiding somewhere she shouldn’t and getting more than she expects. It’s sexy, twisted, and good. Recommended.

Outcall: Unfinished, but anyone who reads much trilby knows his obsession with women made into sex workers. Outcall decides to go after them directly, and it’s unfinished, but I think it’s still a fun little read. The last bit of prose trilby gave us on the archive, so it’s worth a look.

Honestly, after this point I’d just say read everything in chronological order? But that feels a good starting point.

Of course I’m always going to recommend Tether, but it’s huge–and I know that it isn’t to everyone’s tastes like it is mine. What can I say… I’m one twisted bitch, and it’s always hit just-so for me.

That said, Delivery is in its final paces, and will be up on Amazon soon… in paperback form, with a cover from Rotem Dishon! Is it a bit self indulgent when I know few are likely to want a paperback of a story like this? Probably. Do I want it anyway? Heck yes.

And if you do too, then I’ll be encouraging you to pick up a copy.

All of Delivery is going to be released at once, in its full 75k word glory, at a higher price point. We’ll see how it works out!

Well, that’s really all the exciting news that I have for the moment. I’m finally getting a garbage disposal in my new place soon, but I can’t imagine many of you find in-sink errators very sexy. hrm. Mind disposal. To the notes file!

Until next time, take care of yourselves… and each other!

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