Another Week With More to Say!

Hello again, everyone!

This week has mostly been spent deep in the writing mines for me with not a lot exciting to report on other fronts. I’ve been making my way through the stories that follow The Memory Remains, which will now collectively be known as The Argent Road.

These stories are Wherever I May Roam, Dust High, Misted Facets, Nocturnal Interlude, and Informant. I’ve been making very good progress on them, and I think that you’ll all really enjoy what they have to offer.

At this point in the Silver Girl franchise I’d decided “hey, it’s time for me to actually read some comics, huh?” so I picked up a few, and got to reading. I still have all of them on my shelf. These comics include the early run of Ultimate Spider-Man (sadly not including Miles Morales, but as with most things the X-Men got involved and I stopped enjoying it as much), Crisis on Infinite Earths, X-Men: Endsong, Identity Crisis, batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Identity Crisis, Power Girl’s self titled series, and a few other books here and there.

Obviously, I’m much more of a DC gal. That said, I couldn’t care less about Snyder’s cut or the DC cinematic universe in general. Marvel’s cinematic universe lost me, too, with Age of Ultron. More power to you if you can enjoy them! I enjoyed Captain Marvel, though they’ll need to offer up something great in a sequel to make up for how shamelessly queer baiting that film was.

The big thing I took away from comics was the concept of lead-ins to events. Anyone who reads comics knows events take up too much of the way they flow anymore, and it’s a bad thing… and I wasn’t terribly critical of that. However, something fun occurred to me:

What if, between major arcs of Sarah LaSilvas’s life, the big novel length works… we pulled the camera back a bit and showed things from other perspectives? The novels are first person, so we really only see things she sees, how she sees them… but what if we saw more of the world, from more sets of eyes?

While not all of the lead ins as I deemed the shorter stories that preceded each novel release were from different perspectives… it felt like a great way to show the world was more than just what Sarah saw. It felt a good way to show the way things changed, and the growth of the world outside of her.

If you’d like to catch up with the Silver Girl series, you can find all of the books listed conveniently here, and will see The Argent Road once it’s ready!

A cropped portion of the cover of The Adventures of Silver Girl with Sarah waving beside the text with a newton's cradle ball swinging in front of Midas City at night
The Adventures of Silver Girl Series Page

For now, take care of yourselves, and each other!

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