Just a little over three weeks left…!

Hello, everyone!

Can you believe that it’s really less than four weeks from 2020? As someone who grew up in the 90’s watching a lot of 70’s and 80’s stuff, that year sounds so incredibly far fetched and futuristic. I remember when 2005 was supposed to mean hover car robots in Autobot City on Earth. I think we missed out on that one, but to be fair we also haven’t needed to deal with Unicron, so it all balances out.

This week I released a fun new story, and I think that you should all check it out!

The name is a bit silly–and is by far my longest title yet. I call it…

While You’re Here Check Out My Soundcloud! (How A Post On Social Media Made Me Into An Obedient, Mind-Controlled Lesbian Sex Slave With Some Weird Music)

It’s a fun, bite sized little tale of erotic lesbian mind control. Here’s the synopsis, just to whet your appetites:

Laura is enjoying the start of her freshman year of college. This is supposed to be ‘real life’ but things don’t feel all that different yet, except for one major difference. Now? She has privacy. Now? She can spend hours doing whatever she wants with no one expecting her to be anywhere or having a chance to interrupt. This means, of course, that she does what anyone does with privacy and free time…

She browses social media to see cute cat memes.

After seeing a particularly clever meme Laura sees that the woman has a link to her soundcloud. Curious about what sorts of music a woman who made such a cute, clever meme might post, she eagerly listens in… and her life is changed forever as she is caught up in a hot, wet, sticky web of lesbian lust that may draw in more than just Laura…

This story is currently out on Amazon, and was inspired by my patrons over on patreon! Would you like to support my fiction without needing to buy a new book? Head over to my patreon, and support me if that sounds like something nice!

For the moment, I’m mostly just working on rewriting more Silver Girl, and preparing more future releases for Amazon. Not a lot else to really comment on, apologies! I have a lot of words coming for you, so keep an eye out here, on my website, and on Amazon! Until then…

Take care of yourselves, and each other!

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