Forêt, Circuits, and Heroines, Ωhm my!!

Hello everyone!

…I apologize for the really bad pun in the title. I don’t know the most about electricity, but for a tiny bit of behind the scenes, the first Livewire story I wrote? I wanted to write the final chapter as “0 Ω” or ohms or similar, for no resistance, but… here we are.

Now we’re getting into more of Forêt and Livewire’s interactions, and I think things only keep getting sexier as the story gets further along. While a commission, Zyfire, the creator of Livewire, always gives me a good latitude for how to use the character. Serina Alton has become someone I like having around, and I’m glad that, well… she’ll get to be a background element in some later things.

But that’s getting ahead of myself a bit!

Red Moon Rising Volume 7 drops on Tuesday, but there’s plenty coming in the meantime! Remember, for just $30 a month you get everything I’m releasing before anyone else!

Tomorrow, $5 patrons get a look at Part 2 of Path of Least Resistance, while $10 patrons get Part 3, and $15+ patrons get to read the conclusion of the story!

Is it the last time we’ll see Livewire, or Forêt? Only time can tell for certain, but I’m pretty excited for more of her!

If you’d like to chat with myself and others, you can join in over here at Madam Kistulot’s Domain! I’m just about to go post over on My Patreon about what I wrote this week, and at least for me it’s some pretty exciting news! I also get a bit more personal there, so if you want to look behind the curtain, join my Patreon at literally any amount!

But for the moment, thank you all for reading, and I hope you take care of yourselves… and each other!

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