Happy Halloween, Happy CORE volume 14!

Hello, everyone!

I’m bad at getting back on the wagon of updates, but I’ll do my best to do better going forward! It’s Halloween, and I have a new volume of Halloween Screams out now! It’s a massive rewrite of what was a tiny, baby of a ficlet years ago made nearly eight times as long!

I call it… Exvolensation

The cover of Halloween Screams: Tales of Sapphic Treats Volume 5: Exvolensation with a woman wearing only a white bra laying back on a bed, hand on her head, dimly lit.
Halloween Screams: Tales of Sapphic Treats Volume 5: Exvolensation

If something hunting a woman in the night, threatening to take the very will from her mind sounds up your alley, something not quite but not fully unlike a vampire…? Check out Exvolensation on Amazon!

So with that out of the way, what else is new?

As it turns out… a fair bit! Callidus and I finally got around to recording another episode of The Black Room! It’s an interview focused episode, but I think it’s an intriguing one!

Check out The Black Room Episode 21 with.. Uzubono!

It was really fun to record. Callidus is always a joy to work with. While you’re there for the podcast, check out his hot photomanips. you wont be disappointed.

Speaking of Uzubono, one of the BEST Poser artists to ever render a 3d model… Are you excited as I am that a new volume of CORE is out?

CORE Precipice Pt 1 cover with three women approaching a structure, long shadows stretching out behind them.
CORE Precipice Pt 1

CORE volume 14 is out now! Check it out here!

I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but I’m super excited and looking forward to it! I hope you all will give it a read, and give Uzubono and Tabico some feedback!

I wouldn’t mind similar, but I’m not about to shill for that too hard!

By the end of this week The Memory Remains should be in the hands of my editors. I’m going to miss getting it out by the 14th anniversary of The Adventures of Silver Girl next month, but hey, wanna see the cover anyway? I know you do… so I’ll be showing it next update!

Thanks everyone for your time! Take care of yourselves, and eachother… and I hope you’ll visit me back here soon!


Monday Post About Future Scheduling

Hello, everyone!

I’ve been finding it easier to get back into the swing of things, but that said, I still want to be a bit careful with it. Pushing myself too fast, too hard, etc, is not going to make sure that you regularly get your hands on some good, classic, high quality erotic mind control fiction.

So while I intend to keep with it, I don’t want to push myself to keep to a weekly cycle. That doesn’t seem tight, but it is a lot tighter than it may seem at a glance. As a result, I intend to do an every-other-week release on Amazon for the moment so I can spend time working on larger projects amidst smaller releases, and so if I miss an update, I don’t feel so bad about it I consider dropping the whole thing as a failure and a mess.

Thank you all for your understanding, as there will be no new story this week, but there will be next week! that said, there will also be one of my regular blogposts on Thursdfay, too, even on weeks where I’ve little new to shill for.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and I’ll see you on Thursday!

Another Return For 2019

Hello again, everyone!

Sorry for my extended, silent absence. You ever try to avoid being demolished by something, but it turns out you need to feel your feelings to get better? Well that’s where I was, unfortunately. Things are on the mend now, seemingly more seriously, and as a result, I’m back and already working on projects that I really want you all to get to see!

Getting one of my goals for the year to happen seems very unlikely, but I’ll still be doing my best to release more great pieces of erotic lesbian mind control fiction for all of you.

That started again with one I’ve released before, tightened up and made sexier, and just better to read: Social Parasite

Social Parasite: A Tale of Squicky Alien Mind Control (cover)
Social Parasite: A Tale of Squicky Alien Mind Control

Tina is a woman just trying to do her best to get by. She works in a call center, and her best friend and roommate, Cindy, lost her job about a month ago. She’s thankful to have someone she gets along with so well to talk to, even if Cindy can’t contribute as much financially.

But something about Cindy seems… different. That change might be the best thing that’s ever happened to them, at least, if Tina doesn’t find out what’s happening to them both while she can still put up a fight.

Social Parasite is a tale of lesbian lust, and squicky alien mind control.

Now available on kindle!

If you’re into alien parasites, check it out! If not… check it out anyway! It might surprise you.

I hope I’ll have more to say soon, but as you can imagine, there’s not a lot of news to deliver. This return is in its infancy, and I don’t want to jinx anything so I won’t be announcing a lot of news, just that I’m working on my next release, and have plans that I hope can fill out the rest of the year with more delightful smut.

Thank you all of reading, and I hope that you have a wonderful day!

Been A Bit!

Apologies, everyone!

The main problem I ran into with this is falling into a pattern of… having absolutely no idea what to say!

Things have been steadily improving as I make my way through the complexities of the life changes this year has brought with it. I’m not about to say things are perfect, or that I’m handling them perfectly, but I’d like to think that I’m doing alright overall.

This week I released the compiled Honeypot, something I hoped to do with more in that universe, but unfortunately words have still been flowing fairly slowly for me try as I may otherwise.

Next week is going to have a bit of an experiment, and we’ll see how well it works. I’m thinking that my regular readers will enjoy, and it’ll help me feel a bit more confident about some stories I’ve resisted the urge to write.

For now, that’s mostly all. Writing is slower than I’d like, things are improving but not magically perfect overnight… Thank you for everyone who has reached out to express their concern.

I hope you enjoy next week’s release!

May we take a look back…

Hello, everyone!

I legitimately am having trouble believing May is over already. It’s been rocky, to be sure, but I feel like it ends with more promise than when it began. That’s always the hope, isn’t it?

This week my latest release was a bit of an experiment in two ways. One, I wanted to see if people were as much into the concepts explored as I am… and two, I wanted to see if I was capable of adding “step” to daughter and mother enough to avoid Amazon’s ban hammer.

Strapped, now available on Amazon!

It seems that both have panned out! Much like my experiment with bimbo conversion in A Completely Consensual Makeover (also on Amazon!) I may have struck a chord with some members of my audience. That makes me pretty happy!

A lot of my work has been about exploring various kinks/fetishes under the lens of sapphic mind control. Basically, I like experimenting to see what I can find hot/sexy/fun when applied in such a way, and… well, this week was less that than merely being self indulgent.

Strapped may be one of the most “this is just fetish fuel” stories I’ve ever written.

If you enjoy it, please take the time to leave a review and a rating! For now, I think that’s all I have to say. Do you have a fetish you’d like to see me tackle? Some idea you wish I’d explore?

Drop me a line!

Until next time, take care of you, and yours, and may we all have a lovely June!

Getting things posting again!

Hello, everyone!

Sorry I missed another update, and am a bit late with this one. Things are definitely improving, but it’s been a bit trickier than it used to be to figure out what to say. No excuse, just expressing that you don’t need to worry, I’m doing a lot better and content won’t stop flowing!

As for what’s new with me, well, I’ve finally been getting a backlog going again! It’s a little thing, but it’s really been helping things feel more stable. It also means that for the foreseeable future, you should be able to see which story is coming out the following week by going to my website!

If you didn’t know that, by the way, you can go to the story grid view here, and see the next cover! Pretty neat, huh? It may fall off again if I end up behind on making covers, but at least it’s there for now!

My last two releases have been a fair bit more fantasy related than usual–fantasy as in the genre, as opposed to fantasy fulfillment. Uninvited and Arbitration both feature lands with monarchies, magic, and that sort of thing. If you liked them, be sure to check out Coiled, another fantasy story I released early on in my Amazon career!

I have been making great progress on things, though, and hopefully this continues unabated. I really want to get all of you a lot of delicious smut.

I’ve also gotten a bit of a side job doing editing for an H-Game studio. I don’t want to talk about it too much before anything I’ve worked on for them is actually released, but it doesn’t hurt to tease that I’ll be talking about it. It’s not line editing, but it isn’t making fresh writing either, so you may see my touch there but it wont exactly be anything from me. It’s a bit of a ways off from making my own interactive smut, but…?

It means I’m seeing how people write these sorts of scripts. One of my issues is I never had a good example before. I know, I know, it isn’t too different from writing any other kind of prose, but it felt different. Seeing this, getting to compare it to a final product?

This may help me more than you’d know.

So, next week will bring with it Strapped, a delightful little story about a woman freshly graduated from high school, and her step mommy having a little lesson to teach her… so if that appeals to you, check it out on Tuesday!

For now, take care of you and yours, and I hope you continue to enjoy my work!

Moving Forward

Hello, everyone!

If you’re regular readers of my blog, then you know… I’ve missed a couple updates. I haven’t missed stories being posted to Amazon because it’s effectively job and I need to make sure I get out new stories, but everywhere else, I’ve had some major issues with keeping up with communication, creation… basically anything, besides trying to put myself back together.

I really should get around to addressing this. I’ve been working on fixing it, but that’s taking time, more time than I want it to take. Frankly… it’s taking any time at all. I pretty much only prefer to choose being productive and successful at everything I try doing. That’s pretty standard stuff.

Well, a couple of weeks ago my relationship ended. It had been with my longest-lasting friend, and it had meant a lot to me. Sadly though, I really think that this is going to be the best for both of us. I say sadly, because I really valued our relationship and wanted to think it would be the way to makes us both happiest, but I no longer think that’s anywhere near the truth. I want the best for her, and frankly, I need to be trying to make myself happy as a goal and not merely hope it’ll happen on its own.

Unfortunately, this has put a very heavy weight on my shoulders, and has made it difficult to be very productive. At least, it’ s been very difficult for me to make new, original sexy work from scratch during this process.

As a result, while projects were meant to have sequels this month, two of these went unwritten.

Instead, we have Linked, and Rewind. Hopefully these are being enjoyed, as I hardly just threw them out without care.

While I recover from this, I’m probably better off being honest by disabling commissions, refunding any unfulfilled, and trying to be quicker with flash fiction.

This is not something I like saying. Mental health issues are something that I’ve had all my life, and unfortunately they’re good at impacting my ability to write sexy. I’ve received a LOT of support, and it has meant a lot to me.

That said, I intend to continue putting along as I have been. A story every Tuesday. Every other Saturday on MCStories unless utterly unable.

I just thought you all deserved an update on why I’ve been so quiet.

Until next time, take care of yourselves, and each other.

End of March Wrap-up, Oops a Day Late!

Hello, everyone!

As the subject for this entry says, I’m a day late. My bad. I really was excited to write a blog entry up yesterday, but there was a lot on my plate and something slipped. I’ll be more careful in the future… but I have some awesome news!

I’m all caught up on my patreon writing, sans commissions!

Later today I’ll be doing last minute checks, formatting, etc, but then my patrons are going to get a lot of new fiction. If you want to get in on that, you may want to sign up!

Patreon exclusives, flash fiction… it’s all good stuff.

April will have me catching up on commission work, but I have other things in store, too. For one, we’ll be getting Debased 3, the ongoing story of Bree’s cruel use of her hypnotic breasts. That will be followed by Presented, the third part of the Application of Control series, and well… it’s my anniversary month of being on Amazon! I have something special planned for that, a couple of very special things if all goes right.

Excited to get back to work on The Memory Remains being polished up. Hoping to get that out sooner than Silver Eclipse came out after The Adventures of Silver Girl.

This week, I released A Completely Consensual Makeover

A Completely Consensual Makeover, available now on Amazon!

It’s a story about a goth girl being forced to see the brighter things in life, with some hot bimbofication. It’s not something I write the most, but if people like it… say, buy it, leave reviews… well, maybe you’ll get more! Find it on amazon here!

Other things worth mentioning: I recorded a new podcast with Callidus the other day. Being his cohost on The Black Room has been really delightful. It isn’t out yet, but these things take time. In the meantime, I recommend watching the backlog of podcasts here! We talk about CORE, and lots of other good stuff.

So, what other business is there…

OH! Doctor D, one of the best newer writers on MCStories? Now has a lewd twitter! Follow her at @DocDwrites!

I think that’s really all for now! As a reminder, Silver Eclipse was released earlier this month, and more good stuff is coming! I’ll be much more careful about next month.

For now, I hope you all have a lovely day! Take care of yourselves and each other.

Silver Eclipse is out now!

Hello everyone!

Sorry that I missed a week. I’ve been trying to be productive in a lot of different ways, and some of that has distracted me most annoyingly.

But that’s all off to the side for the moment, because right now I’m most excited about getting Silver Eclipse released!


Silver Eclipse is out now, and you can get it on amazon!

While The Adventures of Silver Girl started out the adventures of the titular heroine, as the title suggests, Silver Eclipse deepens the stakes, and plunges our heroine into truly dangerous territory.

What will she go through now that she’s dealt with a challenge like Yanta? What of her relationship with The Lady, Dust, and Pink? Who could possibly want to harm her?

All of this and more, in Silver Eclipse…

and later this year, fates willing, book 3!

Until next time, take care of yourselves, and each other.

Application of Control, and getting back to business

Hello, everyone!

I’ve been a bit late with these lately, so I decided to write this one at night. I might keep this up in the future, we’ll see! I’d like to try to be make it easy for people to rely on these updates.

My illness from January finally feels gone. Not just subdued, but actually gone, which is amazing. I have a very occasional cough now, but it’s nothing intolerable. If anything, I feel pretty great physically. A lot of the issues plaguing my family are all taken care of, too!

Now, it’s back 100% to focusing on getting as much writing going as good as I can for all of you!

This week? I’ve begun to release the Application of Control series! The first three were written back in 2015, but I’ve been doing my best to enhance every story I put out for everyone to buy. I hope you’ll give Present a look!

Check out Present: Application of Control Volume 1 on Amazon!

As for what’s coming next? Well, I’m hard at work getting Silver Eclipse ready to go, and work has been made on its sequel, The Memory Remains, too! I have more of the Application of Control series being worked on, a bimbo story all geared up and ready to go…

Is there anything you wish I’d write?

Any story you’d love to see revisited?

You can reach me at madamkistulot@gmail.com and let me know!

Until next time, take care of you and yours, and have a wonderful day!