First Illness of 2019!

Hello, everyone!

I’ve been pretty miserably sick for a while now. To bring you up to speed if you aren’t aware, I went to charmed earlier this month and it was a fun enough time. Hopefully there’ll be a good venue in a black room for me to talk about that, but that’s off to one side for the moment. Afterwards, I got stuck in Detroit on the way home, and then after a day in that unfamiliar, large airport… I got home, thought everything was fine, and got horribly ill.

Best laid plans to make a lot out of this month quickly dissolved. I wasn’t nonproductive, but to say that my achievements matched my goals would be a lie that I wouldn’t be terribly excited to share. I’m finally mending, over a week later from when I was hoping to be home, but I still don’t feel quite 100%. Writing smut when you feel physically ill is, to put it lightly…?

Fairly difficult.

A lot of sleeping. A lot of drinking Powerade Zero. I passed out while standing for the first time I can remember in my life.

Hopefully all of that is behind me. I still don’t feel quite right, but maybe the ending period of this is just a bit slower than I’d like. I usually don’t stay sick for more than a day or two, but this has been an ordeal with dehydration, aches, weakness, and a lot of whining. Hopefully this cough won’t follow me through all of 2019.

So this is the last post I’ll have for the month, and a couple of things to touch on.

One, Immunity, my latest, is now available on amazon. Check it out, and see if Mary is actually immune to hypnosis, or if there’s something more complicated at play.

Second, my birthday is on the 19th. I may toss up a wish list or two in a week, but just if you feel you can or want to. I’m obviously going to be going crazy with catch up work soon, but it might be fun to do all the same.

That said, I think that catches you up with me. Thanks for dropping by, sorry for being so out of sorts, and I hope that until next time, you take care of you and yours!

Flying to Charmed, Dusty Origins

Hello again, everyone!

It’s either 1:13 AM pacific, or about… 4:13 eastern? I’m still in the air and I have been for some time. I’ve utterly lost track of where I would be, and all of my attempts to sleep were stymied, so I thought I’d write up today’s blog post.

What do I say about air travel at night? Two flights, first a window seat facing the wing and the second two back, still looking out over the wing. So much turbulence, so much wind, but relatively calm all things considered. Nothing I’d want to do with any regularity The first plane hit the runway with all of the subtlety of a superheroine giving a three point landing.

But the views of Portland, and then San Diego, were impressive. Most of the night has been cloud cover, but seeing a city grid from above, seeing the shapes… Portland was very spread out, looking almost vacant compared to the area around San Diego’s airport. I got a glimpse of the ground a bit later, and it looked… like something someone might imagine from an old idea of a virtual landscape. Lots of squares of points of light, connected by lines that made for trees with so many branches… I both wanted to take a picture and was too captivated to do so before the clouds returned.

Suffice to say? It was very pretty.

What did I get up to? Well, I read my Christmas present from the ever so lovely Ally Brinken—a book called Trouble and Her Friends. It feels a little unfair since honestly in the end I liked Cerise more and I felt she got more of the better moments and she’s the PoV that felt more reasonable between them. It’s a cyberpunk novel where some legislation sprung up that made it a lot harder for the ‘net to run like it used to, an Trouble’s gone straight. Sadly, someone’s also stolen her alias, is using some of her old code, and well… that’s bad for her when the new net cops start sniffing after her.

I don’t want to spoil anything, but I will say that it’s good inspiration for a Honeypot sequel. Melissa Scott’s ideas are very much a product of the early 90’s, and make me think that I should read more classic cyberpunk. Surprisingly I never actually read any Gibson. It half makes me want to try polishing an old Novel I wrote named Sillicon Forest. It needs… a lot of work to do anything with it, and it’s a bit… boilerplate in some ways, a bit needing expansion in others… It might be worth a second look, though.

But if you’re here, you’re here for M. Kistulot’s musings, mm?

This week, I released Dusty Origins. It’s a story that was long in the making, believe it or not. I wrote the original draft over five years ago, but didn’t know how to finish it, and didn’t feel it was well enough written to share with the world. I’ve since fixed it up, found the ending it needed… and I think that I did it justice. I hope so, anyway. That’s for you to judge.

Death of the author, and all that.

Still, Dusty Origins is the first of what I hope to make a series of origin stories for various Midas Cit heroines. Not all of them may have a story worth telling, but I’ve an idea or two for Pink… Might touch on Aureus at some point, maybe Ember…

There’s a part of me that very much wants to write a LOT more of Yanuka. Rewriting Silver Eclipse had me fall in love with her all over again. She’s a precious adversary to me. Terrible person, too!

Gotta love villains.

So, please check out Dusty Origins! See how the Dust Queen became her dusty self. There’s plenty of heat, twisted lesbian mind control, and it is another look at Midas, so. Why not?

I’m officially on the East Coast, visiting Baltimore for Charmed! 2019. Even if I don’t get back until basically next Wednesday, I already have my next release, Busted 2, ready to go. Just gotta press a few little buttons, and you’ll get your dose of mc smut for the week from me!

When I get back I’ll be finishing some commission work, getting February ready, and then it’ll be time to start examining my Patreon. I want to shake things up there a bit, but how? We’ll need to wait and see.

For now, check out Dusty Origins! If you’re at/going to Charmed! Say hi to me! I’m there as the Madam Kistulot. I’ll be there with my girlfriend Chelicerate, partner Ally Brinken, and the lovely Arihi. There’s lots of excitement in store, so… I hope that you’re all excited!

Until next time, take care of yourselves… And each other!

One Week Until Charmed!

Hello, everyone!

Next week, at this time, I’ll be in Baltimore to go to Charmed! the Baltimore hypnosis con. There’s bound to be a lot of good fun there, making new friends, hopefully meeting fans… lots of good fun!

In the meantime I’ve been spending this week getting as much of my Amazon and Patreon workload going as I possibly can. This weekend on the EMCSA has the second half of “In A Dark Place” going up. The first half was enjoyed, so I hope you’ll enjoy the second, too!

Also this week I’ve released the fifth volume of Pocket Watches and Glazed Eyes: Twenty Tales of Erotic Mind Control. You can find it on amazon, here!

This next week is going to have an exciting story being released, so be sure to keep a watch on to see what it is before anyone else! I think a lot of people will be very excited. It might not be Silver Eclipse, the next of the Silver Girl stories, but let me just say tht if you enjoyed Silver Girl… you might still be excited.

I’m not sure what else to talk about for the moment. My mind is all jumbled up, focused very heavily on my travels from Portland to Baltimore. I’ll be swinging by San Diego on the way, for some reason, but I have a long time between the flights so it should be okay. I leave next Wednesday at night, and arrive in Baltimore at 6am.

I’ve never been to another time zone. I’ve never left the west coast, to be honest! I’ve been to Washington, and California (where I was born), but I’ve never been to anywhere else in the world. It’s a bit of a thing. What’s it like to go to the future? What are airlines like anymore? I only flew on two amidst the same trip to and from California when I was a child, but I really don’t know what they’re like on a personal level, not anymore. That was over twenty years ago. Gosh saying that makes me feel old.

Over on the Mind Control Literature Discord that I administrate, we’re talking about EyeofSerpent’s first Ancients story this weekend. You should drop by, and join in! Click this link HERE and join up!

I think that’s all for now! Take care of you and yours, and I’ll be back with more next week!

First Blog Post of the Year!

Hello, everyone!

It’s 2019, and three days in already! Doesn’t that just feel… beyond belief? But sure enough, that’s the case. It’s January 3rd, 2019 and here we are. The last year didn’t vanish into the ether. Instead, we’re moving on from what it left us. Hopefully it left you with something good!

I’ve definitely got plenty coming your way, so I hope that’s something you’re looking forward to!

In fact, given how much I tend to write in a stretch, plenty of what I’ll have for you for awhile are drafts I’ve had worked on for a while. Release cycles are so hard to be patient for–you have no idea! I just want to be giving you many stories, and I can’t keep it up if I release them all as quickly as they’re ready. I’ve heard something about consistency in release cycles? So cruel.

That said, I haven’t had much time this year to have new things happen. I missed that Tabico put out two blog posts in December! If you did too, then check them out here! I think you’ll be happy with what you see!

As for me, well, I put out a new book so far–and it definitely benefits from the past!

Debased 2, the sequel to the tale of Nina and Bree is out now on amazon!

Katie just wanted to make a quick trip by her favorite mall to pick up something special. She could afford it, and it wouldn’t be too much effort. The last thing that she expected to find, when she went to pick up some new jewelry, was a blonde girl named Bree with hypnotic breasts.

Dark themes, mind control, and interracial lesbian delights.

Check it out on amazon, right here!

And well, that’s all that I really have to show off between last time and now! I’ve been getting all nice and packed up for a Hypnosis Conference in Baltimore. This time in two weeks I’ll be on the east coast. I’ve never left the west, never been in another time zone, and I haven’t flown in over twenty years… so it’s a lot of excitement! I’ll be there with some books and swag, and if I have any leftovers, or if anyone gets excited when I show it off I might order more in the future. We’ll have to see.

For now, I think that’s all that’s exciting for me. If you’d like to commission me, my Patreon has available commission slots.

It’s easy to get down by all of the dark things going on in the world, so let’s all try to stick together to keep things going well for the people we care about. Things have been dark before, and they’ve been darker for a lot of people. At the same time? Any level of bad is bad, and we’ve overcome the odds before.

We just have to not give up. We just have to try to fight for others when we can’t wake up and get out of bed for ourselves.

Let’s do our best to have a bright and shining 2019, or at least making it so 2020 will be even better. I know we can do it, because we’ve done it before, and we’ll do it again.

Thank you for your time, and I hope that you have an absolutely wonderful time.

Until next Thursday! 🙂

Last Blog of the Year!

Hello everyone!

I feel a bit bad that I missed an update, but this is our last week in 2018 so I’m going to make sure to not miss this one!

There’s not a lot to talk about right now on my end. This month has been very busy for me, and this year has been… very long. I’ve written over a million words, released over 30 books, and I’ve made a discord server. I’ve made friends. I’ve made strides in my personal life…

In an odd way, it means that right now I don’t have a lot of exciting things to say.

I’ve done almost all that I’ll do this year. I’m not coasting, oh no. I’m preparing for a con in January–I can’t coast! We’re trying to prepare an exciting little thing for the con, and I’ll be selling and signing books! Things are pretty exciting.

Beyond that, though? I don’t know what the future is going to bring. A lot of things feel uncertain, but a few things I can guarantee.

1) Silver Eclipse will release in early 2019. I don’t have a release date yet? But it’s happening. Look forward to it.

2) More content will keep coming from my Patreon, and my Amazon releases unless Amazon somehow dries up and I need to start promoting something else.

3) I intend to try making some interactive fiction this year.

4) I have a lot more words in me.

Beyond that, the future is a mystery. I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. Anything you think you should be preparing for later, start now, or set at a date that works for you–not something arbitrary? That’s just me, though. You do you!

What will January bring?


That’s what every year brings.

But for now, take care of you, of yours, and I hope you’ll be back here next week, next month, and next year.

Until then, take care of yourselves, and each other.

Author Recommendation: Kallie

Hello everyone!

This update is a bit late, but hopefully you’ll forgive me. Long story short, we’ve been having renovations and it’s been taking a lot of effort to get my usual output going while endless slamming is done nearby. The master bathroom had some rot issues, floor needed replacing, walls needed replacing… It was a problem, a big problem. Frustrating, right?

So with that in mind, I wanted a topic that was important to give me something to look forward to for this blog. That topic is a “new” writer on the scene–new as in September 2017–when I was still in my hiatus and busy with life things.

Kallie has only been posting onto the EMCSA for awhile, but already she’s a name that makes me excited. I don’t really want to spoil any of it because I want you to read her for yourself, but anyone who is a fan of F/F on MCStories knows there’s been a certain lull. Not everything posted is bad or anything like that, but certain voices have been quieter. Many writers like risen up and done great work, but few stand out to me in the same way Kallie’s work does.

Angelic Bliss explores some fun twisting on the concept of divine love, Sadism is a story that was better for not reading the blurb but was SO fun for it, and while I am still reading Muscle Bimbo, it is a sheer delight to see the story twist up our poor protag who just wanted the hot goth girlfriend. We’ve all been there.

Songbird was a delight showing a rekindling of old flames, and The Vampire Hunter’s Folly was a fun twist on just what a vampire can take away.

I need to do more reading of her work, but in the meantime? You should get started! Check her out here on mcstories, and on patreon here!

I feel like I could sing her praises for for a long time and only scratch the surface, so please, take a look at her works and give her feedback, praise, and support however you feel you can!

Another note, The MCL Discord has a biweekly book club where we discuss a piece of erotic mind control fiction every other week. Last time we examined Philanthropist by Doctor D, an amazing story I highly recommend. This week, we’ll be exploring Tabico’s Fitness.

If you’d like to join the conversation? Check out the Mind Control Literature discord I administrate here!


Hello everyone!

So, the talk of the town is the tumblr apocalypse, and I could talk to you about it for a long time. It hurts queer people. It hurts sexworkers. It hurts everyone.

But other, smarter people are having this conversation with much greater nuance. Tumblr is a platform I never quite meshed with for one reason or another, so I don’t have a lot to say about it besides that I did promo there, met some cool people, and tried to get more people to know about my Discord channel (Mind Control Literature — join now if you’d like!) but that’s about it.

So mainly I think we should all be working to find ways to support those harmed by the tumblr collapse.

I’m on twitter, and you can find me under @carin_mcleoud and @madamkistulot –I recommend following only the former if you can only chose one. I post a lot more there, though you’ll get a fair bit of shitposting.

I’ve heard pillowfort, dreamwidth, and reddit are all places that people are going to. The Secret Subject has a reddit that allows promotion, and you can find it here: The Hypnobunker. Tell them the Madam Kistulot sent you.

Nah, just show up and have a good time! 🙂

This is a good time to remind people that FOSTA, SESTA and Apple are all factors you can look to for tumblr’s problems. Apple’s fear of adult content encourages platforms to not have adult material. FOSTA and SESTA are both things supposedly for sex trafficing that hurt everyone else–especially queer people and sexworkers.

My latest story is up, bringing out my latest series–Modern Magic. To check out Wanna Bet, click here!

That’s all there is from me today. My poor sweetie Chelicerate is sick today so I’ve been working at taking care of her a bit but this month seems to be going well! I’ve hit over a million words written this year, can you believe it?

Until next week, take care of yourselves, and each other… and let me know if you see where all of the MC community is going!

Hard Work and Child’s Play

Hello again, everyone!

I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday if you had one, and if not, that you enjoyed yourselves regardless! My time was amazing, and while you won’t get much of a blow-by-blow, I can say that Chelicerate is as lovely in person as she is a wonderful writer. That should tell you all that you need to know!

As for today… well, I’m at a bit of a loss! There’s so little left in the year, you know? I should be finishing my goal of writing a million words in 2018 very shortly. I would have sooner, but needing to move and dealing with some other things hit my productivity a touch more than I would have liked. That said, this month has been incredibly productive, and things have continued on their upswing!

Things to look forward to next month?

A sequel to one of my fan favorite works, more flashes… and the introduction of a new series that I think you’ll all quite enjoy! I don’t want to spoil too much!

Not sure what else to talk about today! I’ve been so nose down in my work that I haven’t stumbled across much interesting… Oh. I know what I can call attention to…

Have any of you seen the full Chuckie franchise? Not the modern remake in progress of course, but from Child’s Play 1 to Cult of Chuckie? It’s a horror series that actually gets better as it goes on…

Wanna see a little glimpse of something hot from the last film to make you curious just why I feel the last movie shows glimpses of the mind control fetish?

Take a look right here:

But I think that this blog will be a little light. Sorry! I’m focused on putting out content, which I just realized I’m basically already running two pen names? Between the EMCSA and Amazon, I’ve been doing my best to put things out for two names a month, all the while trying to look for new ways to grow as a writer, and to expand what I’m doing.

Feel free to check out my patreon if you want to support my free efforts, by the way!

But for now, take care of yourselves, and each other. I’ll be back next week with a new post 🙂


Thanksgiving, Black Friday, The Future

Hello everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving if you’re in the states! I should have said something for Canadian Thanksgiving, which I know is earlier, but my memory of foreign holidays isn’t the best. My apologies. I know that the internet is an international space (and that’s how I prefer it, to be clear) so I think I’ll make a special effort to be better about this in the future.

I am currently riding on MAX, Portland’s answer to light rail. It’s a decent enough ride to be sure, and I’m a big fan of how easy it is to get around on public transit—especially considering that I don’t actually drive. Why am I on my way to the airport, you ask? Well, to put your curiosity to rest, I’m here to pick up Chelicerate, the writer of Canary! My girlfriend is coming out to celebrate Thanksgiving, and I’m happy as heck to have her here. I even made a special pie for the occasion, though it’s been awhile since I’ve made pudding so I’m not sure how it turned out yet…

So that means I’ll be pretty busy until she’s back home, but that’s okay. I have her here for a while, and I want to savor that—as I’m sure you can imagine. Don’t worry, though! Tuesday’s release will be coming out just like you’d expect!

Though if you weren’t aware, I’ve recently released my Black Friday themed story. Originally written in 2005, this version is longer, more detailed, and yet at the same time has all of the lesbian heat and mind control goodness that you’ve come to expect from me. It’s also the second Marianna’s Conquests story to be released here, and I hope that you’ll all enjoy it!

Find it here on Amazon!

So, what’s in store for my future? Well, Silver Eclipse, the follow-up to Silver Girl, is currently still with my editors. That said? I do have a sequel I’m not quite ready to tease with, but as a hint? It’s a sequel to one of my most popular works. I think that you’ll all really enjoy it.

Interactive fiction has been on my mind a lot lately, as has diversification. You hear a lot that most writers use multiple pen names, and I certainly have the prolifically in word-count to pull it off, but I wonder if that would be worth it to try. I’d probably try to venture into more standard fare for any alternate persona, but I’d be happy to keep all of you in the loop unless it’s an intentional secret to test something—and even then? I’m bad at keeping secrets for long. I want everyone to see how clever I am. Why not? I’m pretty damned clever, and cleverness is pretty fun.

Ah, and here I am at the airport! PDX is a nostalgic place for me, even if I don’t really fly very much. To be honest, I haven’t flown since I was…. 7 years old? I remember peanuts, and being annoyed by air pressure. That’s about all. Still, I’ve met people I love in airports, and in January I’ll be making my way to the east coast for the hypnocon Charmed. Am I nervous? Yeah. Flying, the first time that I’ll be leaving the west coast… all of that is a big deal as far as I’m concerned!

For now, though, I think that’s a good place to leave off. Please try to take some time today to show the people you love that you care about them. Not because it’s a holiday—though that’s hardly a bad reason. More… loved ones are precious, and you don’t want to be full of regrets later. Tell of your love often, and show it.

Until next time, take care of yourselves, and each other.

Trans Awareness Week

Hello, everyone! I hope that you’re all having a wonderful week so far!

The Adventures of Silver Girl seems to be doing well, which has me super excited. There’s not a lot better than seeing a story that means so much to me succeed. Thank you to everyone who bought a copy, who shared that it’s released… All of you mean a lot to me, because without my fans there would be no point in me doing this–at least not as prolifically as I do it!

Another book released from me this week of course, that being the third volume of my flash fiction series, Pocket Watches and Glazed Eyes: Twenty Tales of Erotic Mind Control.

To pick up a copy, check it out on Amazon here!

The other volumes, Volume 1, and Volume 2, can be found by clicking on their names in this line!

And of course, if you didn’t know, I update my website the day a new release drops, so it’ll always be on the front page ready for you to click and pick up a copy!

That said, you can tell by the title of this blog post that it’s a bit of a big one this week. It’s Trans Awareness Week, which leads right into the Day of Remembrance. It’s a day with a lot of significance, especially because until quite recently literally the only time that you’d hear about trans people was if they were victims of violence. Now you’ll hear about important trans people who are activists, who contributed dramatically to the history of computing, of entertainment, of literature… but that didn’t used to be a thing.

There was one other way that you’d hear about trans people–and that was a punchline. Our media had a very clear message: trans people are a joke, and then they’re killed for being trans. “Trans Panic” is still a legal defense usable in many jurisdictions. To summarize, it means if you kill a trans person and say it’s because you were so shocked they were trans you panicked and killed them, you can get off without consequence/penalty. How’s that for devaluing human lives?

The only way that I discovered there was a difference between transvestites and transgendered people was via reading the Chuck Palahniuk book “Invisible Monsters” and then doing online searches because it seemed so… impossible. Not in a way I wanted to mock, but it seemed like something the world had denied as existing for my whole life.

I was pretty young at the time, sixteen or seventeen. That experience changed my life, and allowed me to begin my transition, to be able to live my life in a way that actually makes me happy about my identity. These days young people learn what it means to be trans through hearing about bathroom bills or other things that demonize the trans experience–or people trying to protect trans people from that. The landscape has changed a lot, and I hope it will continue to change. No one deserves abuse for their identity.

I’ve stayed stealth online because to me, being trans is not something that I enjoy having as an active part of my identity. While to say there’s no difference between being a trans or cis woman would be disingenuous at best, I still dislike being defined by my status as a trans woman. I respect those who loudly celebrate this aspect of their identity, but I do not identify similarly. Maybe it’s due to the many abuses I’ve suffered, from being assaulted, degraded, harassed, stalked… but it’s regardless how I interface with who I am. It probably doesn’t help that before more trans voices started to emerge in the Erotic Mind Control Community, and the Hypno Community, they were pretty… backwards about trans issues.

It’d be pretty fair to say ‘downright shitty.’

Why am I posting this now? While I don’t like it being a part of my identity that is used to define me, I also hate how hiding it has kept me silent. Truscum attitudes are often an accepted part of both communities, and they should not be. Casual transphobia is hardly rare as I’d like. That there are trans people who are loudly and aggressively trans as a counter to abuses against them is not surprising. It’s not my reaction? But I respect it. I value it. I won’t silence it.

I don’t intend to make this something I talk about very often, but there has been too much death, too much injury, too much abuse, and too much suffering associated with trans identities, and as someone who has been told by more than one person that I was important in helping them define their sexuality… I don’t want to force myself to be silent all the time because I want to stay in the shadows while also not wanting to appear to be using ‘assumed cis’ privilege to discuss trans issues.

This is a week of awareness, because even in a time where people are aware trans people exist the awareness that many trans people are self-isolated because of a world that has taught them they are unwelcome, unsafe, and unwanted… that’s not as well examined. The issue of “should trans people be allowed to pee without harassment” is a major one, but it all comes down to a question of “should trans people be allowed to exist without constant abuse” and it’s all too obvious far too many people say ‘no’ on a regular basis.

This trans week of awareness, try to be aware of the trans voices around you, of the potentially trans people around you that you are unaware of, and the future trans people who will live in this world and need to interact in it based on how we grow our society today.

Let’s make it so the Day of Remembrance doesn’t need to add more names.

Let’s make it instead, so more trans people feel safe existing.

Until next time, take care of yourselves, and each other.