Silver Eclipse is out now!

Hello everyone!

Sorry that I missed a week. I’ve been trying to be productive in a lot of different ways, and some of that has distracted me most annoyingly.

But that’s all off to the side for the moment, because right now I’m most excited about getting Silver Eclipse released!

Silver Eclipse is out now, and you can get it on amazon!

While The Adventures of Silver Girl started out the adventures of the titular heroine, as the title suggests, Silver Eclipse deepens the stakes, and plunges our heroine into truly dangerous territory.

What will she go through now that she’s dealt with a challenge like Yanta? What of her relationship with The Lady, Dust, and Pink? Who could possibly want to harm her?

All of this and more, in Silver Eclipse…

and later this year, fates willing, book 3!

Until next time, take care of yourselves, and each other.

Application of Control, and getting back to business

Hello, everyone!

I’ve been a bit late with these lately, so I decided to write this one at night. I might keep this up in the future, we’ll see! I’d like to try to be make it easy for people to rely on these updates.

My illness from January finally feels gone. Not just subdued, but actually gone, which is amazing. I have a very occasional cough now, but it’s nothing intolerable. If anything, I feel pretty great physically. A lot of the issues plaguing my family are all taken care of, too!

Now, it’s back 100% to focusing on getting as much writing going as good as I can for all of you!

This week? I’ve begun to release the Application of Control series! The first three were written back in 2015, but I’ve been doing my best to enhance every story I put out for everyone to buy. I hope you’ll give Present a look!

Check out Present: Application of Control Volume 1 on Amazon!

As for what’s coming next? Well, I’m hard at work getting Silver Eclipse ready to go, and work has been made on its sequel, The Memory Remains, too! I have more of the Application of Control series being worked on, a bimbo story all geared up and ready to go…

Is there anything you wish I’d write?

Any story you’d love to see revisited?

You can reach me at and let me know!

Until next time, take care of you and yours, and have a wonderful day!

Wrapping up February, Looking to March!

Hello, everyone!

I hope that this day finds you all well! February is drawing to a close, and while I’m a little bit upset with how it turned out productively I know that it wasn’t entirely within my control. March will be a month of catching up, and while that distresses me, it’s also due to be an exciting one if things pan out like I hope.

Because I’ll be doing everything I can to get Silver Eclipse out next month! New and improved, this expanded, revised, actually-edited version is a fair bit longer than the original Silver Eclipse, but doesn’t undermine any of how the original narrative, characters, or scenes functioned.

As opposed to this being a rewrite that makes things “the way they’re supposed to be”, this is a rewrite that makes it readable with less squinting and frustration, and blatant understandable confusion.

For the moment though, Rose Rejuvenation, the last of the Rose series, is now available!

Rose Rejuvenation is available on Kindle!

The future has a lot in store, both on the EMCSA where the post-silver girl stories continue, and I may be opening up my Patreon to having people vote on what my goals are for the EMCSA. I’m debating it, at the moment 🙂

For now though, this has been my last post in February. I look forward to providing a lot more delicious lesbian mind control fic for all of you!

Miracles, Birthdays, Life

Hello, everyone!

Getting this out a bit earlier. I’ve been bad about this lately–sorry! Life has kinda been giving me a beating, and I have mostly been just trying to get myself back together from this horrible illness that is still somewhat lingering… while dealing with a fair few family issues that have been greatly diminishing my capacity to be the most effective at my work. I’m sorry that you’ve all suffered the consequences of this.

The good news is all I have left is a cough. The bad news is I still have a cough, and the people I care about are going through a lot. It’s rough, not fun, but I’m doing my best to persevere… it just affects my ability to be the most productive, sadly.

Hopefully I’ll be caught up soon and pushing past it all.

This week I released the second Romancing Roses story, Rose Miracles!

Rose Miracles is a story of lesbian romance, mind control, and non monogamous relationships. Check it out on Amazon here!

I have another Rose story all ready for next week… and hopefully things in life will calm down in general very soon. That’s my hope, and I’ll have more to talk about very soon.

Until then?

Take care of you and yours, everyone!

Recovery, Rose Petals

Hello, everyone!

Sorry that this post is a little bit late.

My recovery from my illness is taking longer than I thought, but it seems that I’ve finally actually started to recover my energy. That said, I hope that you all had a very happy Valentine’s Day!

If you’re in a romantic mood, I do have a story for the season up, Rose Petals!

If you head over to Amazon, you can get a look!

There’s more up from me too, check a look at my new short collections! Sorry that this week’s update isn’t very exciting. I’ve been mostly working at getting back up to production. My apologies.

I hope you all had a great holiday, and I hope that all of you are staying warm and well this very cold Winter!

Until next time, take care of yourself and yours!

First Illness of 2019!

Hello, everyone!

I’ve been pretty miserably sick for a while now. To bring you up to speed if you aren’t aware, I went to charmed earlier this month and it was a fun enough time. Hopefully there’ll be a good venue in a black room for me to talk about that, but that’s off to one side for the moment. Afterwards, I got stuck in Detroit on the way home, and then after a day in that unfamiliar, large airport… I got home, thought everything was fine, and got horribly ill.

Best laid plans to make a lot out of this month quickly dissolved. I wasn’t nonproductive, but to say that my achievements matched my goals would be a lie that I wouldn’t be terribly excited to share. I’m finally mending, over a week later from when I was hoping to be home, but I still don’t feel quite 100%. Writing smut when you feel physically ill is, to put it lightly…?

Fairly difficult.

A lot of sleeping. A lot of drinking Powerade Zero. I passed out while standing for the first time I can remember in my life.

Hopefully all of that is behind me. I still don’t feel quite right, but maybe the ending period of this is just a bit slower than I’d like. I usually don’t stay sick for more than a day or two, but this has been an ordeal with dehydration, aches, weakness, and a lot of whining. Hopefully this cough won’t follow me through all of 2019.

So this is the last post I’ll have for the month, and a couple of things to touch on.

One, Immunity, my latest, is now available on amazon. Check it out, and see if Mary is actually immune to hypnosis, or if there’s something more complicated at play.

Second, my birthday is on the 19th. I may toss up a wish list or two in a week, but just if you feel you can or want to. I’m obviously going to be going crazy with catch up work soon, but it might be fun to do all the same.

That said, I think that catches you up with me. Thanks for dropping by, sorry for being so out of sorts, and I hope that until next time, you take care of you and yours!

Flying to Charmed, Dusty Origins

Hello again, everyone!

It’s either 1:13 AM pacific, or about… 4:13 eastern? I’m still in the air and I have been for some time. I’ve utterly lost track of where I would be, and all of my attempts to sleep were stymied, so I thought I’d write up today’s blog post.

What do I say about air travel at night? Two flights, first a window seat facing the wing and the second two back, still looking out over the wing. So much turbulence, so much wind, but relatively calm all things considered. Nothing I’d want to do with any regularity The first plane hit the runway with all of the subtlety of a superheroine giving a three point landing.

But the views of Portland, and then San Diego, were impressive. Most of the night has been cloud cover, but seeing a city grid from above, seeing the shapes… Portland was very spread out, looking almost vacant compared to the area around San Diego’s airport. I got a glimpse of the ground a bit later, and it looked… like something someone might imagine from an old idea of a virtual landscape. Lots of squares of points of light, connected by lines that made for trees with so many branches… I both wanted to take a picture and was too captivated to do so before the clouds returned.

Suffice to say? It was very pretty.

What did I get up to? Well, I read my Christmas present from the ever so lovely Ally Brinken—a book called Trouble and Her Friends. It feels a little unfair since honestly in the end I liked Cerise more and I felt she got more of the better moments and she’s the PoV that felt more reasonable between them. It’s a cyberpunk novel where some legislation sprung up that made it a lot harder for the ‘net to run like it used to, an Trouble’s gone straight. Sadly, someone’s also stolen her alias, is using some of her old code, and well… that’s bad for her when the new net cops start sniffing after her.

I don’t want to spoil anything, but I will say that it’s good inspiration for a Honeypot sequel. Melissa Scott’s ideas are very much a product of the early 90’s, and make me think that I should read more classic cyberpunk. Surprisingly I never actually read any Gibson. It half makes me want to try polishing an old Novel I wrote named Sillicon Forest. It needs… a lot of work to do anything with it, and it’s a bit… boilerplate in some ways, a bit needing expansion in others… It might be worth a second look, though.

But if you’re here, you’re here for M. Kistulot’s musings, mm?

This week, I released Dusty Origins. It’s a story that was long in the making, believe it or not. I wrote the original draft over five years ago, but didn’t know how to finish it, and didn’t feel it was well enough written to share with the world. I’ve since fixed it up, found the ending it needed… and I think that I did it justice. I hope so, anyway. That’s for you to judge.

Death of the author, and all that.

Still, Dusty Origins is the first of what I hope to make a series of origin stories for various Midas Cit heroines. Not all of them may have a story worth telling, but I’ve an idea or two for Pink… Might touch on Aureus at some point, maybe Ember…

There’s a part of me that very much wants to write a LOT more of Yanuka. Rewriting Silver Eclipse had me fall in love with her all over again. She’s a precious adversary to me. Terrible person, too!

Gotta love villains.

So, please check out Dusty Origins! See how the Dust Queen became her dusty self. There’s plenty of heat, twisted lesbian mind control, and it is another look at Midas, so. Why not?

I’m officially on the East Coast, visiting Baltimore for Charmed! 2019. Even if I don’t get back until basically next Wednesday, I already have my next release, Busted 2, ready to go. Just gotta press a few little buttons, and you’ll get your dose of mc smut for the week from me!

When I get back I’ll be finishing some commission work, getting February ready, and then it’ll be time to start examining my Patreon. I want to shake things up there a bit, but how? We’ll need to wait and see.

For now, check out Dusty Origins! If you’re at/going to Charmed! Say hi to me! I’m there as the Madam Kistulot. I’ll be there with my girlfriend Chelicerate, partner Ally Brinken, and the lovely Arihi. There’s lots of excitement in store, so… I hope that you’re all excited!

Until next time, take care of yourselves… And each other!

One Week Until Charmed!

Hello, everyone!

Next week, at this time, I’ll be in Baltimore to go to Charmed! the Baltimore hypnosis con. There’s bound to be a lot of good fun there, making new friends, hopefully meeting fans… lots of good fun!

In the meantime I’ve been spending this week getting as much of my Amazon and Patreon workload going as I possibly can. This weekend on the EMCSA has the second half of “In A Dark Place” going up. The first half was enjoyed, so I hope you’ll enjoy the second, too!

Also this week I’ve released the fifth volume of Pocket Watches and Glazed Eyes: Twenty Tales of Erotic Mind Control. You can find it on amazon, here!

This next week is going to have an exciting story being released, so be sure to keep a watch on to see what it is before anyone else! I think a lot of people will be very excited. It might not be Silver Eclipse, the next of the Silver Girl stories, but let me just say tht if you enjoyed Silver Girl… you might still be excited.

I’m not sure what else to talk about for the moment. My mind is all jumbled up, focused very heavily on my travels from Portland to Baltimore. I’ll be swinging by San Diego on the way, for some reason, but I have a long time between the flights so it should be okay. I leave next Wednesday at night, and arrive in Baltimore at 6am.

I’ve never been to another time zone. I’ve never left the west coast, to be honest! I’ve been to Washington, and California (where I was born), but I’ve never been to anywhere else in the world. It’s a bit of a thing. What’s it like to go to the future? What are airlines like anymore? I only flew on two amidst the same trip to and from California when I was a child, but I really don’t know what they’re like on a personal level, not anymore. That was over twenty years ago. Gosh saying that makes me feel old.

Over on the Mind Control Literature Discord that I administrate, we’re talking about EyeofSerpent’s first Ancients story this weekend. You should drop by, and join in! Click this link HERE and join up!

I think that’s all for now! Take care of you and yours, and I’ll be back with more next week!

First Blog Post of the Year!

Hello, everyone!

It’s 2019, and three days in already! Doesn’t that just feel… beyond belief? But sure enough, that’s the case. It’s January 3rd, 2019 and here we are. The last year didn’t vanish into the ether. Instead, we’re moving on from what it left us. Hopefully it left you with something good!

I’ve definitely got plenty coming your way, so I hope that’s something you’re looking forward to!

In fact, given how much I tend to write in a stretch, plenty of what I’ll have for you for awhile are drafts I’ve had worked on for a while. Release cycles are so hard to be patient for–you have no idea! I just want to be giving you many stories, and I can’t keep it up if I release them all as quickly as they’re ready. I’ve heard something about consistency in release cycles? So cruel.

That said, I haven’t had much time this year to have new things happen. I missed that Tabico put out two blog posts in December! If you did too, then check them out here! I think you’ll be happy with what you see!

As for me, well, I put out a new book so far–and it definitely benefits from the past!

Debased 2, the sequel to the tale of Nina and Bree is out now on amazon!

Katie just wanted to make a quick trip by her favorite mall to pick up something special. She could afford it, and it wouldn’t be too much effort. The last thing that she expected to find, when she went to pick up some new jewelry, was a blonde girl named Bree with hypnotic breasts.

Dark themes, mind control, and interracial lesbian delights.

Check it out on amazon, right here!

And well, that’s all that I really have to show off between last time and now! I’ve been getting all nice and packed up for a Hypnosis Conference in Baltimore. This time in two weeks I’ll be on the east coast. I’ve never left the west, never been in another time zone, and I haven’t flown in over twenty years… so it’s a lot of excitement! I’ll be there with some books and swag, and if I have any leftovers, or if anyone gets excited when I show it off I might order more in the future. We’ll have to see.

For now, I think that’s all that’s exciting for me. If you’d like to commission me, my Patreon has available commission slots.

It’s easy to get down by all of the dark things going on in the world, so let’s all try to stick together to keep things going well for the people we care about. Things have been dark before, and they’ve been darker for a lot of people. At the same time? Any level of bad is bad, and we’ve overcome the odds before.

We just have to not give up. We just have to try to fight for others when we can’t wake up and get out of bed for ourselves.

Let’s do our best to have a bright and shining 2019, or at least making it so 2020 will be even better. I know we can do it, because we’ve done it before, and we’ll do it again.

Thank you for your time, and I hope that you have an absolutely wonderful time.

Until next Thursday! 🙂

Last Blog of the Year!

Hello everyone!

I feel a bit bad that I missed an update, but this is our last week in 2018 so I’m going to make sure to not miss this one!

There’s not a lot to talk about right now on my end. This month has been very busy for me, and this year has been… very long. I’ve written over a million words, released over 30 books, and I’ve made a discord server. I’ve made friends. I’ve made strides in my personal life…

In an odd way, it means that right now I don’t have a lot of exciting things to say.

I’ve done almost all that I’ll do this year. I’m not coasting, oh no. I’m preparing for a con in January–I can’t coast! We’re trying to prepare an exciting little thing for the con, and I’ll be selling and signing books! Things are pretty exciting.

Beyond that, though? I don’t know what the future is going to bring. A lot of things feel uncertain, but a few things I can guarantee.

1) Silver Eclipse will release in early 2019. I don’t have a release date yet? But it’s happening. Look forward to it.

2) More content will keep coming from my Patreon, and my Amazon releases unless Amazon somehow dries up and I need to start promoting something else.

3) I intend to try making some interactive fiction this year.

4) I have a lot more words in me.

Beyond that, the future is a mystery. I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. Anything you think you should be preparing for later, start now, or set at a date that works for you–not something arbitrary? That’s just me, though. You do you!

What will January bring?


That’s what every year brings.

But for now, take care of you, of yours, and I hope you’ll be back here next week, next month, and next year.

Until then, take care of yourselves, and each other.