From Sunny Michigan!

Hello again, everyone!

There was always an intended delay for my next release, The Domination of Lady Lapis, and we still haven’t hit the point where that’s liable to be an issue.

That said, goodness, this trip is so far working wonders… and soon, if plans bare out?

I’ll be taking a trip overseas!

I’ve heard more than once the way that kind of experience can broaden a perspective, and I look forward to seeing how that bares out for me.

My mind has been jogging along creatively, putting this and that together, benefiting dramatically from the change of scenery and the company.

As a result I don’t have the most to say, but I don’t want to be radio silent, either, but this is a great time for you to catch up on stories of mine that you might not have thought to give a glance yet!

Alternatively, Modren‘s Whiteout is a good read, and I’ve got a thanks in the back, and speaking of London? Callidus’s Compliance and Acquisition: Lesbian Hypnosis and Intrigue in Corporate London is available here!

Until next time?

Take care of yourselves, and each other!


Hello again, everyone!

February is my birth month, and I tend to like to treat the whole thing as “mine” in a way. I share it with everyone else with a birthday in the same month, but it’s the shortest so I figure we all need to make the most of it.

So this year, part of my efforts is renaming the month.

Enjoy all of the milf themed content that you can and celebrate in style!

Lady Lapis would definitely count, but so would the series My Girlfriend’s Mom is a Hypnotist¬†or Vitis or Taming the Milf Next Door or so many other tales!

Perhaps check out A. Regina Cantatis’s story Union, Reunion: A Tale of Mind-Controlled MILfs?

It’s up to you to decide how you get the most from the month, after all~

This week my $5 patrons get to read the first piece of Trained to Perfection, a lovely little story about a chance meeting between a young woman and a mysterious woman who knows just what she wants from the encounter. My $10 patrons get to read part 2 where things move that much further…

And my $15 patrons get to read Lowest Common Denominator, a story about a grad student with an advisor who has better plans how to make use of her.

To read these stories, and more, in PDF or Epub before anyone else can read them on ROM or MCStories? Check out my patreon!

Would you like to learn more, chat with myself and other fans of my work?

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But for now, take care of yourselves…

…and each other!

Girlfriends, Mothers, Heroines

Hello again, everyone!

It’s hard to believe that it’s already nearly been two weeks since My Girlfriend’s Mom is a Hypnotist (And Now She Wants to Hypnotize My Mom?!) released. Rest assured this isn’t the last time you’ll see Jennifer, Madison, Summer, and Emily before the end of the year.

It may only be one more time for the year, but there will be more in the future if I have anything to say about it!

And while next week you’ll be able to grab a copy of Lady Lapis’s Volume 0 on Amazon, you can already grab it on Smashwords right here!

For other exciting announcements?

Tender Loving Control’s finale will release on Friday for my $5 patrons! My $10 patrons get to have a look at a new story about some very special “Vitamins”, and my $15+ patrons get to read the first in a multipart story “Trained to Perfection” that I’m sure you’ll all enjoy.

I’ve got a lot of exciting writing to work on, and I’m sure it’s all something you’ll end up enjoying… so until next time?

If you would like to chat with myself and other fans of my work specifically, join the Madam Kistulot’s Domain Discord! And also…

Take care of yourselves… and each other!

A New Year, A New Girlfriend’s Mom!

Hello again, everyone!

The first release of the year is a big one! In March I’ll be an independently published ebook author for five years, but I consider this the start of year five… so let’s enjoy that with another sequel to my first ebook release!

My Girlfriend's Mom is a Hypnotist Book 4 is out now!
My Girlfriend’s Mom is a Hypnotist Book 4 is out now!

In this story we see that while Madison nor Jennifer are disappointed with Emily… There’s just more they could be doing.

And that involves Emily’s mother, Summer and even more hypnosis. The heat keeps ratcheting up as the story continues on, intensifying with each volume!

You can pick up a copy over on Smashwords, or Amazon!

But that’s not all!

My usual pre-order is up… but it’s something special, something… free?!

That’s right, It’s time for Volume 0, a preview, of Untitled Madam Kistulot Project to finally be revealed… with a title!

The Domination of Lady Lapis Volume 0 is available now!
The Domination of Lady Lapis Volume 0 is available now!

Lady Lapis is one of the most famous and experienced superheroines on the west coast. She’s protected her home of Los Adalid from any number of supervillains, but what awaits her this time is something very different than she’s ever faced before. She’s dealt with armies of robots, magical foes, and more, but something mesmerizing lurking in the shadows of her home may be far more than she can take…

To learn more?

Grab a copy, for free, right now over on Smashwords… or pre-order it for 99 cents on Amazon!

So, why is this happening now?

It’s going to get the “main release” treatment in two weeks, but y’see… you can’t set Smashwords stories to pre-order if they’re free. I also don’t want anyone paying on Amazon if I can help it.

So, report that the story is free on Smashwords, and get yourself a free story now… which isn’t just free, but a hint at something much longer–my longest novel ever released!

Yes, even longer than The Argentum Project!

So, with that in mind…

What’s coming from Patreon?

This week, tomorrow, the $10 tier will have the end of Tender Loving Control, and the $15 tier gets something special, something new… about a woman getting some very special vitamins.

So be sure to check out my Patreon, and support me there for an exclusive weekly blog post, and writing before anyone else!

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But until next time?

Take care of yourselves, and each other!