Hypnotic Origins – coming right after Christmas!

Hello again, everyone!

It’s been a little bit, hasn’t it?

I wanted to make this post to make sure that all of you would get to know just what the title of this post says… there’s more of my writing coming, and soon!

You can’t preorder it on Amazon yet, but when it shows up in the next 72 hours, you’ll be able to find it on my Amazon Author Page. However, in the meantime? Its page is up and ready on Smashwords!

There’s so many reasons for it taking so long, but the first and foremost is a pretty big one.

Mental health.

This year has been one big challenge to it after another. I’ve been dealing with a lot of very heady, difficult emotions. None of them are really appropriate to go into here, but I’d like to strongly tell anyone who ever romanticized the idea of being a suffering artist that you do not need to suffer for your art. If anything, suffering makes it much harder to create art!

Take care of your mental health, or you’ll suffer long gaps between your important releases!

I can’t say for sure when the next release will be. My backlog has been burned through, and while I’m ready to write more and more and more and more… I have to be realistic that it may be some time before I’m completely back up to speed… or that process may be far more complicated than I’d like it to be.

Unfortunate, but true.

For now, I hope you read, and enjoy… and I encourage you to check out my Patreon–where another blog post is waiting for you!

Until next time, please take care of yourselves and each other! Have a happy holiday season, and an even better new year.