Giggle-Me Pink

Hello again, everyone!

Last blog post ended up skipped as a result of giving myself a birthday gift of a week both not doing any work, and also not thinking of doing any work. It ended up timed a bit because while Candy Pink Origins dropped, my website was having some issues.

Those are worked out now, and this story is available now!

Candy Pink origins is available now!
Candy Pink origins is available now!

Candy Pink Origins can be found on Smashwords, or Amazon!

Pink’s origin story is definitely one of my favorite things that I’ve ever written. That’s not the shortest list (the rest of the Chronos Origins series is all pretty damned solid) but it’s still a story I heavily recommend for anyone who enjoyed The Adventures of Silver Girl even a little bit!

This weekend, my Patreon readers get to read the beginning, or more, of a story about a speedster and her roommate the reality controller. Tomorrow, for just $5, you can read Melting Down Thermom, a tale about a super heroine with a love of puns who pushes them a bit too far and faces the consequences.

Consider supporting my Patreon to see more of my work, and before anyone else!

That’s it for this week! Enjoy reading my recent releases, those yet to come, and consider joining us over in the Madam Kistulot’s Domain Discord!

Until next time?

Take care of yourselves, and each other!

Birthdays and Hand Grenades

Hello again, everyone!

It’s that time of year again where I take up the majority of a month whinging about my birthday!

To get this out of the way early?

If you want to support me by buying me something silly and specific? I have a wishlist for that! If you would instead just like to send cash? Consider using my ko-fi to toss it that way.

What would honestly make my day the most?

Buy some of my books, either for yourself or a friend!

Each purchase injects serotonin directly into my brain, and you all want to do that for me, right?

This Friday, my $5 patrons get to read Lowest Common Denominator, a story of intelligence reduction and abuse of authority. My $10 patrons get to read the conclusion of Trained to Perfection, and what a delightful end it is. My $15 patrons get to read “Melting Down Thermom” a story about a heroine so punny that the woman closest to her just cant take it any more.

The result?

Mind control.

Please consider checking out my Patreon if any, or all, of those stories sound fun! Supporting me there is a good way to give me a little boost, too!

Remember, next week is Candy Pink Origins… and I know there’s a lot of you eager to learn more about everyone’s favorite sweet troublemaker!

One last note!

If you’d like to wish me birthday cheer with words? Join the Madam Kistulot’s Domain Discord! You’ll be able to talk with me, and other fans, directly!

That’s a nice way to make a gal smile.

But in the meantime?

Please take care of yourselves… and each other!