In a Flash available on Tuesday!

Hello again, everyone!

Today’s blog post is going to be short for a variety of reasons! Sorry!

However, I have been continuing to work, to prepare, to get everything going nice and smoothly as I can going forward!

So, in the meantime?

Please remember that In a Flash is coming out on Tuesday!

In a Flash available for preorder, coming out Tuesday January 23rd!
In a Flash available for preorder, coming out Tuesday January 23rd!

Check it out now on Amazon or Smashwords!

More stories are coming out on my Patreon tomorrow–give it a look here!

Until next time?

Take care of yourselves… and each other!

Cosmic Lust

Hello again, everyone!

This week saw my last release of 2022!

Arcade Lesbian Cosmic Purpose now available!
Arcade Lesbian Cosmic Purpose now available!

You can pick up a copy of this new story on Smashwords, or on Amazon!

Wherever you pick up a copy, you’re sure to enjoy!

The first release of 2023 is going to be very special… and you can preorder it on Amazon, or add it to your library on Smashwords to make sure you don’t miss its release!

Since December 2020, all of my stories have been sequels or otherwise parts of existing series! This story started out like that too, actually… or well, I was going to write a sequel, but if you want to know more? I’ll talk about it today in my Patreon exclusive blog post! It was also discussed in brief over on my discord server, which you can join here!

If you’ve been reading my work over on the EMCSA or ROM and you want the conclusion of TLC before anyone else?

Be sure to support my Patreon.

They’re getting the conclusion on the 6th–at the 15$ level, anyway! And if you want more stories like this, it would be pretty important, because at the moment it seems like releasing a big story sequentially instead of interspersing it is just not a good idea… so if you want this format to ever repeat, feedback and financial support is helpful for that!

But for now, that’s what I’m up to this week here!

Have a good rest of your 2022, and may your 2023 be full of everything that brings you joy.

Until next time… take care of yourselves, and each other!

An Inky Silhouette Approaches

Hello again, everyone!

I hope you’re all doing well! We’re not even a week away from Ink Filled Silhouette. I’m very excited for this series, so I hope that you all enjoy!

If you’d like to pre-order, you can do so here on Amazon, or add it to your library on Smashwords!

Tender Loving Control continues on Patreon, so if you want to get more sooner than everyone else, and help support my ongoing releases, check it out here!

I admittedly don’t have the most interesting to say at the moment, but I hope that you all take care of yourselves, and each other!

The Red Moon is Unleashed!

Hello again, everyone!

Red Moon Rising, compiled, paperback, all of that… is now available!

Red Moon Rising, compiled together, is now available!
Red Moon Rising, compiled together, is now available!

Pick up a copy on Smashwords


Grab it on Amazon, including in paperback!

The Adventures of Silver Girl come to a conclusion at the end of this series… but there’s much more to come! There’s more in Midas City, more in neighboring cities such as Twilight Falls, and even across the world… as well as other stories!

I hope you’ll enjoy them all.

In another two weeks, there’ll be more Midas City, in a new subseries called Midas City Stories!

Preorder Scribe and shadow on Amazon


Add it to your library on Smashwords!

So, what’s coming from me on Patreon?

Tender Loving Control! There’s so much of it, and the more you pay, the more of it you get! Also the $30 tier for the end of the month, you can get a copy of the compiled Red Moon Rising, DRM free!

If you’d like to chat with myself and other fans of my writing? Drop by the Madam Kistulot’s Domain Discord!

Until next time?

Take care of yourselves… and each other!

Approaching the penultimate red moon!

Hello again, everyone!

Volume 9 of Red Moon Rising is almost out! Can you believe it? Titled Final Preparations, this is the penultimate release of Red Moon Rising, the final book in the original Silver Girl series. I’m… beyond excited!

If you want to make sure you don’t miss it?

Add to your library on Smashwords!

Preorder on Amazon!

Follow on Patreon at the $30 tier!

My next paperback (what it is…? still a surprise!) should have a proof arriving today to make sure the cover is looking snazzy as anticipated! I am very excited, and I think you will be, too!

What’s coming from me this week?

Tomorrow, my $5 patrons will get to read Becoming Dorothy Part 2, getting an early chance to see just what Bronwen plans to do next! My $10 patrons get to see the conclusion of Becoming Dorothy in part 3 seeing her final fate… and My $15/30 patrons? They get to see the start of my next novel length release aimed at ROM and the EMCSA… Tender Loving Control!

This story is one that I’ve been so very excited to show all of you!

Written when I just wanted to write a little something for myself, this very long story covers so many of the things that you come for in my writing. It’s not a comic book story, but it is definitely still a story with a lot of naughty fun!

If you want to get a look at this exciting new story before anyone else?

Subscribe to my Patreon!

That’s all from me for now, but don’t forget! Each week, right after I write this blog post… I write another just for my patrons! While $2 patrons don’t get stories early, they do get to read what I’m writing, and what’s going on with me a bit more behind the curtain.

Until next time?

Take care of yourselves… and each other!

Red Moon Excitement

Hello, everyone!

The final story of the original Silver Girl decalogy will be releasing soon!

Red Moon rising is a story that builds on all of the past nine stories. At the time, I was convinced I would write RMR and then be done writing mind control, just… bam, instantly.

I’d move on to “respectable” writing.

Sure glad that bug crawled out of my ass and I realized my passion is writing women losing their minds in sexy ways!

So Red Moon Rising became a very important story to me. I needed to put every last little touch I wanted into the series, into a story of its like… and I think that it lives up to that goal.

So if you want to preorder it… you have a few days before Volume 1 drops…!

Red Moon Rising Volume 1: Silver Symmetry
Red Moon Rising Volume 1: Silver Symmetry

It’s up for pre-order on Amazon, and adding it to your library on Smashwords makes it that much easier to grab up!

I also want to stop and highlight the brilliant work done on the cover! The art was done by the immensely talented (and incredibly lovely to work with) Rinku Bny. She has done a lot of art for Silver Girl that you haven’t seen yet, and that should make you excited!

I definitely am.

Similarly, my editrix aleksandra (who did not edit this book–that was kia!) did a wonderful job modifying the original work to make a better cover. Don’t get me wrong, this wasn’t immense photoshopping–just layout tweaking. Without it you wouldn’t be getting a cover that looked half as good!

Both deserve nothing but appreciation!

Also, gosh, Rinku really did a great job with the back of Sarah’s updated look, huh? I never thought of it like that, but now that I’ve seen it? I love it! This is one of the big reasons why I love working with visual artists: they’re so much more visual than I am!

So, am I hyping this release too much? Maybe! I hope you all enjoy it when it inevitably drops!

What else is coming from me in the near future?

$5 patrons get Ongoing Education today at noon–a story about a teacher and her student. $10 patrons get to read the first half of Give a Penny, Take a Penny, a story about a super heroine at the end of her rope… and $15 patrons get to read the conclusion!

If you want to know more?

Check out my patreon!

After I write this I’ll be right off to Patreon to write my weekly patron-exclusive blog post, and anyone gets that for the minimum monthly pledge, and the month JUST ticked over, so check it out!

Also, look forward to some art going up on my website to commemorate the path from tAoSG to here… and here’s a little preview!

If you want to see it sooner?

Check out my discord server, here!

For now? Take care of yourselves, and each other!

To Serve and Anticipate

Hello again, everyone!

I hope that you’re all doing well! it’s February, and that means it’s my birthday soon! It’s also the birthday of one of my editrixes soon, so you should all wish her a very happy birthday in advance–she’ll be one whole year older before my next blog post!

This is also the month of Valentines, so might I make a recommendation for some of my more romantic stories to savor?

Romancing Roses

The Romancing Roses series is three stories, Rose Petals, Rose Miracles, and Rose Rejuvenation. All three are tales of romance, with a distinct rose scent.

Mommy’s Piano Lessons is an overwhelmingly consensual example of hypnotic romance grounded very much in reality.

Molded is an unusual romance story, one involving alien goo, but two lovers are reunited and I think that’s just lovely. Fairly certain you’ll agree!

Latex Sex Kitten: Reyna’s Adventures in Hypnotic Submission is a tale of lovers engaging in some hypnotic latex-and-pet play fun, so if any of that strikes your fancy? Take a look!

Halloween might have been over in October (or January, if you’re a Bojack Horseman fan) but I have Possession, a ghost romance that’s sure to give you the good chills.

Lastly, it’s a story written for Yule, but Gift of the Sorceress is a classic in my catalog for a reason. Is there still conflict and drama? Oh yes. There’s just a lot of sweet, cutesy romance so if you’re in the mood for snugging up in sweaters? This may still hit the spot.

That’s my recommendations for things to keep you busy while you wait for next Tuesday and the release of the final volume of To Serve and Obey! By the way, if you want to be amongst the first to get your hands on Volume 6: Consensuality and Consequences? You can add it to your library on Smashwords, or preorder on Amazon!

But that’s not all that’s up my sleeve, either!

Tomorrow, my $5 patrons get to read Part 2 of my latest exciting spy story! $10 patrons get to see the conclusion… and my $15 patrons get to see a story of a mind control erotica authoress returning home for a very lovely reunion. If any of that sounds fun, and you’d like to read my patron-only weekly blog posts?

Check out my patreon!

Every bit of money I get there helps me with the costs of life, and supports my drive to write as much as I can and publish it in my variety of ways!

As a final note you can find me over on the Madam Kistulot’s Domain discord server, or Mind Control Literature, a discord server I administrate as a more general place for mind kink perverts.

Hope to see you there, but regardless of if/when you show up?

Take care of yourselves, and each other!

Candy, Candy, Everywhere!

Hello, everyone!

I hope that you’re all doing quite well. It’s Thursday, and that means more blogging! To start, my latest release! Pink Candy, the final tale of To Patrol and Control, is now available!

Pink Candy -- Available Now!
Pink Candy — Available Now!

You can pick up a copy today on either Smashwords, or Amazon!

And in another couple weeks, To Patrol and Control, the compilation, will be released! If you’d like to preorder the ebook (as always, a paperback will be coming on the same day, but Amazon doesn’t let you preorder those for… some… reason… but it will use the same link) then you can do so here on Amazon! If you want to add the compiled ebook to your Smashwords library, you may do so here!

TPAC is the 8th in the original 10 stories that comprise The Adventures of Silver Girl. In retrospect, having the first remain “The Adventures of Silver Girl” isn’t doing me the most favors. At least Star Wars Episode IV gets to be called “A New Hope”, right?

But a couple weeks after TPAC’s compilation drops, a new story will begin to release… but you’ll need to wait and see more as we get closer!

For the moment, I’d like to highlight some great stories I’ve read recently.

Modren‘s Whiteout was a great story, and another tale in the same universe by the same writer? That’s practically guaranteed to be gold. Dating the Enemy, commissioned by my editrix of all people, is a solid story. If the idea of a heroine going on a date with one of her villains strikes you as a fun setup for a cute MC story, then you owe it to yourself to read this one!

Kallie is hardly a stranger to… anyone who reads my work at this point, I daresay. I’m pretty sure her reach has extended beyond mine… but her writing deserves notice! Two of her recent tales, Succubimb and Shackles are absolutely amazing so far. Succubimb is a fun tale about a nerd wanting to summon her perfect bimbo. Shackles is about a woman getting a bit in over her head with a very overzealous heroine. That’s how I’d sum it up so far, though.

Finally, CactusJuggler is one of the best writers on the archive for dark, twisted, naughty smut that’s just crude and crass and wrong. Catch More Flies continues this trend, and I heavily recommend it. This hits so many fun kinds of twisted, naughty heat, and if I didn’t recommend it I’d be doing you all a disservice.

So with that said, what else am I up to?

Well to find out what I’m writing actively you’ll want to head over to Patreon and et in on my weekly blogs there, but also a hint: UMKP.

This weekend, my $5 patrons will be getting the second section of Figura’s tale, To Change the World, Change Yourself. My $10 patrons, on the other hand, will be receiving the chunk just past half way, chapters 7 and 8. If you’re enjoying the story and want more of it, faster? It’s just a quick Patreon subscription away!

I’m never upset if anyone dips in, then drops back out.

If you’d like to join myself and chat with other fans of my work, stop by Madam Kistulot’s Domain the Discord server! I’m pretty active there. If that’s not your style, then I’m also on Twitter here.

Until next week, please take care of yourselves… and each other!

So Far In Over Her Head!

Hello again, everyone!

Out this week is the second new tale in the Silver Girl series for some time, and the second part of To Patrol and Control!

In Over her Head available now!
In Over her Head available now!

You can pick up a copy on Smashwords, or on Amazon and see a little more of things to come!

If you’d like to be prepared for part three of the series, you can preorder it on Amazon, or add it to your library on Smashwords!

While it would be really nice to have a kitchen that wasn’t being worked on every weekday, I am settling in to my New England lifestyle! I even procured a new rotating monitor, so I can work on stories in portrait mode! You’d be surprised what a difference that makes. It really makes things feel… properly designed for working on text documents? I can’t wait to use it more for that purpose.

I recently nabbed up the A. Regina Cantatis stories I didn’t own, and Dark Spaces: An Anthology comes highly recommended. When she went by thrall on the archive her work was great. Love in a Silver Socket is worth it alone. The story I read from the bunch while in an airplane was What Happens in Decon, which I think you’ll enjoy if you enjoy my work. It’s sincerely a steal to get so many great stories for so cheap.

This weekend Patreon, ROM, and the EMCSA are all getting more sex ninjas. It’s a a longer story, and My Patreon Supporters at the $10+ mark alreeady have the lot of it.. So this month they’ll be getting Lighting the Way Down,a  story about a sexy mermaid being lured by something bright, shining… and mesmerizing. That’ll be another two weeks before everyone else gets to see it. Jealous? You should be! Any and all support is naturally appreciated, but you get more, sooner, if you fork out the dough!

If you’d like to chat with me, or other fans of my work, you are always welcome to the Madam Kistulot’s Domain Discord! We’d all be happy to have you!

That’s me for this week! Until next time, take care of yourselves… and each other!

Restful in Seattle

Hello, everyone!

As the title suggests, I’m still up in the Emerald City enjoying plenty of Pink Floyd, delicious donuts that I recommend if you’re in the area, and being at the center of a different space to soak in the energies and take lots of pictures. I’m sure I look like a complete tourist when I stop to snap pictures of every building, but research is research!

Did you know there’s a silly store that only sells things that are rated four stars or higher on Amazon? It’s a very silly place, but they had a USB hub I needed when I was walking back from grabbing some donuts, so I can’t argue with that.

I’ve had a lot of local cuisine, ordering from far more restaurants than I usually do in my own neighborhood. I’m already sad I can’t stay here forever.

Seattle is really a special place with some amazing pizza, some great Thai food, good burgers, and more! This is coming from a girl who is bad at enjoying a lot of food, too, so it probably means more. A gal hopes, anyway.

Also I’ve actually been keeping to a decent sleep schedule! Still! I don’t think it’ll hold up once I’m in Portland because I wont have all of the same reasons helping me out, but it’s still really nice to get so much amazing sleep. People always say it’s so important, and I used to find it easy, but that got a little more difficult awhile back. This has been a nice reprieve.

As for any other fun things to say?

Tuesday will bring with it another release, this time ISP Volume Six! If you want to preorder it on Amazon you can do so here, or add to library on Smashwords here!

But before that, on Saturday… last week I was a bit behind in my own release schedule–remembering it properly, anyway. Part 2 of Sync Scent drops this weekend on both ROM and the EMCSA, but on My Patreon if you drop $10 you’ll get to not only read the END of Sync Scent right now…? But this weekend, you’ll get to be one of the first to read a story about a famous actress who has a major change in her career!

If you’d like to chat with myself and other fans of my writing, you can find us on Discord at the Madam Kistulot’s Domain! Additionally, if you want to chat with other lovers of mind control, you can do so here in Mind Control Literature!

For now, that’s me! Next week, I’ll have much more to say as per usual, but for now…

Take care of yourselves… and each other!